Monday, February 13, 2006

You're My Number One

I stopped posting because I am a bad bad girl. But here we go today.

It reads like an article in the Onion - while on a hunting trip, Cheney fires a 28 gauge shotgun blast into the face of his 78-year old hunting companion. Oh, and by hunt, I mean he went to a private ranch where they use pen raised quayle, which they "released" 500 of the day before, so that the "hunting party" can proceed to shoot the witless birds. LIKE FISH IN A BARREL. Um, yeah. Oh, and then they failed to notify the press for over 24 hours. THE VP SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE. IN THE FACE. now, i'm not sure where i stand on gun rights in general, i mean, yes 2nd amendment, yes - right to bear arms. right to bear fully automatic assault rifles, um no. and i'm not exactly sure where i stand on, hunting, you need it to eat, ok, you going to eat it, ok. you want to shoot something alive for fun, not ok...which brings me to cheney having a gun, ever. NO, that man should never be allowed to own or operate a gun, ever.

Meanwhile, my boy Paul Hackett has dropped out of the senate race and politics in general because of a "betrayal" by the democrat machine. great, good job guys, the one guy that we definitely want in Congress and you scare him off with backroom bullshit. Dammit!

In other news:
My Washu education totaled out at $146,719. Damn. Potential cost of Law school? another $150 grand. That is a lot of money. Hopefully spending all of this money will result in a very high paying job so that I can pay off truly massive student loans - or get excellent rates on my student loans, whoops! nope, Bushies hates students, so student rate loans are going to go up, thanks Mr. President.

Looking for something to do while at work? Check and see if there are any sex offenders by your house, or by your work, or by the house you grew up in? Know any of these people - I hope not. Also a useful tool when proving that a neighborhood is unsafe to someone who does not believe you. My favorites are the boxes that say "multiple offenders at this address." Nice to know all the sex offenders are rooming together - from Katie.

Blingo. Blingo is a search engine that uses Google (so it's as good as google) but also rewards you for using it. Ie, at certain times during the day, you could be selected to recieve a prize, just for using the damn thing. Prizes range from $10 Itunes gift certificate to Sony PSP. If you win and are my friend, then I win too. If you invite people and they win, you win too. I know it sounds like a pyramid scheme, but I have been assured, and I assure you, that it is not. So shameless
advertising my link, click on this to join

Bush is still a shithead.

Who decided that stamps should be $.39 now? Because no one told me until I had already sent out my xmas thank you notes to my grannies. Either they were going to get sent back to me (they didn't), my grannies had to pay $.02 at the post office to recieve their thank you notes from their granddaughter, or the post office cut my some slack. I hope my grannies didn't have to pay $.02 to get a thank you from me for giving me $10. Right.

In addition to having shot a 78 year old in the head, word has it that Cheney authorized Libby to leak classified information to the press. Where does this guy think he gets off leaking classified information. classified. Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't that treason? at the very least, it's a high crime and misdemenor, what's that you smell? oh it's just impeachment proceedings.

Here's an entertaining screenshot - The new movie Running Scared has a game on it's movie website that allows you to give oral sex to the female lead of the movie and attempt to make her reach the big O - as you can see, there is a climax meter to the left and to the right, you'll notice "Find the G spot" Up, down, left, right. The implication being that if you find the g-spot, your girl will cum "her fucking brains out". Right. So who knows the fundamental flaw of this game? I do I do, pick me! While it is correct that finding the g-spot will most likely result in "violating quiet hours," it is erroneous to suggest that you can hit the g-spot while giving someone oral sex. As any lesbian worth her membership card can tell you, while you can give a girl immense pleasure by going down on her, without the aid of another device (vibe, hand), she will never have a g-spot orgasm from pussy licking alone. A tongue simply cannot reach the G-spot. By all accounts, the g-spot is located in and up, on the front wall of the vagina, towards you. I have never, ever seen a tongue that could hit that spot and perform any sort of stimulation. So Newline Cinema, you suck- get it right next time, find her clit!

Like whoa - rooms painted such that when you look at them right, you see optical
illusions- CHECK IT OUT

Oh, and don't ask don't tell - cost the US around $350 million since it's inception. Hmm, couldn't we have used that money to buy our soldiers, oh I don't know, body armor? There is no evidence that gay servicemembers in any way affect the functioning of a unit. There is not evidence to suggest that gay servicemembers are any less able to serve with honor and distinction. Don't ask, don't tell is wrong. If a person is willing to sacrifice their life for their
country, they should not be derided and condemned by yellow bellied, so called patriots who have only "served" their country by putting a support the troops magnet on their car - ps bushie has repeatedly cut funding for veterans - how's that for supporting the troops?

Meanwhile..Valentine's day is tomorrow. ick - really, it's just another day in time. a day in time that has been arbitrarily decided to be the day of chocolate and flowers, romance and champagne - i say ick. i say, i'm going to drink a bottle of champagne all to myself, by candle light and enjoy my lifesaver. in the spirit of valentine's day, and taking a cue from the lovely heather - a poll/survey - it's a list of five celebraties that you could sleep with, no matter your relationship status, and no one could get upset, your "freebie list" - so who's on your list? you can email me at or you can comment it, but i'll make a list of the top picks and then we'll know a little something about the readership of Adventures. so come on! share! even if you've been lurking, what's the harm in leaving a little comment? hmm? my five (off the cuff and without much thought- ergo, subject to change) goes something like this:

Angelina Jolie
Kate Moennig
Keira Knightley
Eliza Dushku
Mary Louise Parker
Sarah Shahi

I get six because it's my blog. Sound off!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Another day of being unemployed. Honestly, this is getting rather tedious. Fortunately for me, the wire-tapping senate hearings were on CSPAN all fucking day. so what did i do? I watched them from 8:30am until 5:30pm, with a lunch break. yep. that and write some bills and package some packages. pretty uneventful. I told Jess that I thought I would be pretty much bored out of my mind on about Wednesday. The rest of the day was spent going for a walk with Janine (Funnybone on Tuesday and Mr. WashU on Thursday),and boxing with Jen E. oh, and a shower, yeah, real exciting day. now i'm watching the History channel "the real exorcists" - they keep showing clips from the exorcism of emily rose. a truly crappy movie. meanwhile - i'm using bit torrent to download l word from last night and next weekend's episode too. gotta love the internet.

the hearings:
interesting but ultimately, will they go anywhere? probably not. spector, feinstein, feingold and leahy really hit hard on the attorney general but eh - nothing is going to happen. go back to bed america - your government is in control. firedoglake has a blow by blow account of today's hearings and americablog has analysis.

in other news:
i really fucking miss having a job.
and i need a haircut. should i go for something new? or just cut it shorter than i usually do?

i've finalized my plan for visiting philly and villanova over spring break. still waiting to hear on ohio, george mason, and washu. what the hell is washu waiting for? i feel that admissions boards like to keep people waiting for fun.

(wow - so watching an evangelical preacher man expelling some demons - nice)

motor likes to sleep on top of our stereo. we have a plush santa that also sits atop the stereo. she likes to sleep on santa's lap. santa is slumped over and looks pretty drunk.

this post is lame.

it's like i'm samson and losing my job was like my hair being cut off. i mean it's pretty dull when you do nothing during the day. not even browse the internet for hours and hours while at work. because if you're at home you feel like you should do something productive and NOT be on the internet. so, you stay away from the computer, but end up doing nothing anyway. whether it be reading a book, watching tv, or playing with the cats. at any rate, you can only talk about reading a book, watching tv and playing with the cats only so much. tomorrow i will be more productive. i will get up at a reasonable hour and work out. i will go to the post office and the bank. i will box. i will fill out more financial aid forms. i will research scholarships. i will order that present for my mother. i will go to target. and when i have completed all of the above, i will watch american idol.

speaking of boxing, i think i really have injured my hand this time. my thumb hurts, and i can't really bend it all the way. i need to find a better way to wrap my hands before the boxin'. and my knee, my knee needs to stop hurting, i mean the damn thing is worth $40,000. I have a $40,000 knee and yet it still hurts. go surgery!

yeah, that's it for today.

ps:my computer is a piece of crap. it has no battery power whatsoever. which means, that if the power plug comes undone. i lose everything because it immediately powers off. boo.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Photo of the Day

I finally got on the L word bandwagon. Because really, who doesn't love lots of attractive women being dramatic and having sex with each other? And who doesn't love Kate Moennig (aka Shane)? Mmm mmm mmm - because I sure do. Hottest couple on the L word, Carmen and Shane - may they never break up and may their sex continue to be hot forever and ever. amen. speaking of hot sex - go here and d/l the video "Sexual" (definitely NOT safe for work) - ignore the music, enjoy the visuals. In other L word news - Jennifer Beals (aka Bette) accidentally outed Kate in an interview with the Advocate - the quote

"Oftentimes I will go [to] Leisha or Kate or Ilene or Rose Troche and ask, 'OK, is this the right thing to do? Is this not the right thing to do? Am I going to seem like a total chump if I do this?'" - Jennifer Beals

right, so kate, are you or aren't you? please god. here's another lesbo savoring carmen and shane's realtionship and wondering about kate and sarah's... enough L word for now. ps: i missed tonight's episode (superbowl - more on that below) and I heard a rumor that shane and carmen are fighting or fought and that makes me particularly and irrationally sad. :( so, anyone who saw the episode and wants to fill me in on what happened - specifically what happened with shane and carmen, i would be most grateful. thanks.

meanwhile, the superbowl! steelers won. That was pretty much it. the rest was pretty boring,
except when the guy other than the QB threw 30 or so yards for a touchdown pass. that was pretty fucking cool. the rest was pretty anti-climactic, right now, i'm watching some shitty local access program reviewing the game while waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on, btw, this local access thing has been on for the past hour-prattling about nothing.

the commercials: i enjoyed the fedex/dinosaur one where the cave man kicks a small dino and gets stomped on by a large elephant like creature. also, the clydsdale colt pulling the busch cart unknowingly being helped by two full grown clydsdale's- made me smile. the budweiser commerical with the naked/streaking goat/sheep and the sprint commerical with the "crime deterrant" feature - ie throwing the phone at a would be thief and knocking them out. so that was pretty much it for the commercials. i saw a lot of commercials that i saw before the superbowl and a lot of jesus commercials.

the most important part about the superbowl was the delicious and very bad for you food that we had. fried chicken, chicken wings, buffalo sauce, sour cream, ranch, salsa, chips, nachos, cheese sauce with sausage bits, mozzarella sticks, m&ms, nerds and beer. mmm mmm.

guilty pleasures: project runway, american idol, and america's next top model. i know, you can
judge me. i accept this.

right, so, the wire tapping hearings start tomorrow bright and early at 8:30 CST. Since i'm unemployed and a political junkie - i'll be glued to cspan taking a break only when the committe breaks for lunch. me = junkie. but what a great week to be unemployed! of course, if i had my old job, i could just read someone else's liveblogging while sitting in my cube doing nothing but getting paid. that would work for me too.

and the olympics start at the end of this week. i've already copied down the curling schedule so that i can watch every match that airs. i'll prolly be sick of it at then end of it all, but eh. until then, i look forward to it. another good reason to be unemployed.

there's another tv program that i discovered this weekend while also watching "giants: friend or foe" "circus freaks and sideshows" and something about dracula. anyway, the other show just airs on broadcast tv, internet virals. the show is web junk 2.0 or something like that and it had some funny shit. for instance - the polar bear and baby seal, the jacking off kangaroo and the holy spirit enema - all can be viewed here

there's news, but i'm too tired to talk about it. the hearings tomorrow!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Photo of the Day

Originally uploaded by Iguana Jo.

My second day of Unemployment....
I woke up reasonably early, did my laundry, working on some financial aid papers for Villanova and finished "It can't happen here." All in all pretty productive. Oh, and watched copious amounts of CSPAN and the intelligence committee hearings. (I really can't wait until the NSA wire tapping hearings begin next week - this is what I do with my unemployment, watch CSPAN-My name is Jalynn and I am a political junkie.) Then Janine and I went to the store to replinish our food stores and then on to Heffelumps. Heffelumps is closing! Not this month, and they should be open next month, but after that ...nothing. I guess they're just not doing enough business - so Janine and I gave them a little business of our own, and I'm going back tomorrow with Dan and Ariela to do a little more - I'm thinking fuzzy cuffs, body paint, black and white photos of glamorous women - maybe a couple more life savers-dot dot dot.

Meanwhile and some white castles and beer later, I boxed Jen E. Jen E was very drunk tonight and not soo much fun to box with, too much with the illegal moves and not enough with the hurting when I punched her...but a cop did stop by and asked if he could watch for awhile - and we busted out the boombox, so other than the fact that I'm going to be very sore tomorrow, and Jen clocked me twice in the face, all is well. Blue Hill followed, after a pitcher of beer, buffalo fries and cheddar cheese balls, we were all pretty tired, so we headed home like old people by 11:00pm. yeah. but fun, nonetheless.

So yeah, Studlife. In tomorrow's issue, you can look forward to a fantastic letter to the editor about Ipi Zombie? and it's lack of exploring the seemingly obvious issue of violence against women - even if you haven't seen the play, go check out the letter, because, as always, it's brilliant, reasonable and well written.

In other news, Adventures went over the 5000 hit mark just yesterday. Not too shabby - we are on the way up.

In further news, I was accepted to SLU law today...and they want to give me $24,000 to go to their law school in a merit based scholarship, go me. That's $8,000 a year, but it still feels pretty damn good.

On to the news.

A UK newspaper is reporting that Bush contemplated painting a U2 spyplane with UN colors and flying it over Iraq in the hopes that Saddam would take a shot, thus violating UN regulations and drawing themselves into a war. Great Bush, just great. We can't come up with a good reason to go to war, so we'll just trick Iraq into a war. And they're real happy about that aren't they? Don't nearly 50% of Iraqis once again think that it's ok to attack coalition troops? What happened to standing down as the Iraqis stand up or oh, I don't know, not remaining when they want us to leave? no? anyone?

House republicans had an election for a new majority leader now that DeLay is out out out. seems that more votes were cast than there were republicans voting. seems they tried to steal their own election, even as they are trying to clean up after the abramoff election scandal. Goddamit! clean up the GOP. there is nothing wrong with having an opposition party that has a different view of the world. this, in of itself is not bad or wrong. it becomes wrong when that party is so corrupted that they have no ideology because it has been usurped by an ethos of power-grabbing and money grubbing.

The US joins the proud countries of Iran and Sudan in barring two gay groups from consultative status at the UN. In addition to Iran and Sudan, those in opposition also include: Cameroon, China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Senegal, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. Nice. Props go to: Chile, France, Germany, Peru and Romania for rejecting the resolution.

Who hates Ann Coulter? Who doesn't? Seems like even conservatives dislike her - here's an entertaining and sobering video.

there's something very tasty about 7Up Plus - low calorie soda with added calcium. this seems like a no brainer - soda with calcium. Kids don't drink milk anymore, so why not put vitamins and minerals in things they do drink? why not put more than just calcium? I knwo you couldn't put fat-soluble vitamins, but how about some vitamin C?

Curling. It's like shuffleboard, but on ice. And there are two team members whose job it is to scrub the ice, after the stone has been tossed, in order to change with direction of the stone minutely. the stone is tossed towards rings on the ice where points can be scored. the opposing teams does have the opportunity to toss their stone and knock it out of the ring, thereby depriving the one team of points, while garnering points for themselves. knocking two stones at once out of the point ring is termed a "double kill." it's a completely ridiculous game and is in no way a sport and has no business being in the Olympics, tradition or no tradition. That being said, curling is wildly entertaining and I'll never forget freshman year, when after several nights of curling, Elle yelled out "Oh you best be going for the double kill."

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Photo of the Day

Today was my first unemployed day in four months. I celebrated by staying in bed until the glorious hour of 10am - yep I can't seem to sleep past 10am, no matter how hard I try or how late I've been up the night before. And this morning, my newest roommate had the kindness to be in the shower when her alarm went off and off and off for 20 minutes. I would've gotten up, but I was much too comfortable with a cat on my chest and warm and cozy inside of my bed.

After getting up, working out and eating lunch....I did a whole lot of nothing. It's pretty dull being unemployed - and I actually do miss it a little. Anyway, I talked to my temp agency and they're going to look into getting me something, sometime soon hopefully. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to Philly for a week in March. Gotta check out the school I might be going to. No word yet from SLU, Ohio, George Mason, or WashU.

Anyway, the news!

The State of the Union.
We spent the evening drinking beer and eating/throwing marshomallows at the TV. I can only stand to watch the shithead speaking, while I myself, am drinking. At any rate, he said a lot of crap, and you can read the transcript for yourself. The best moment of the night, and one that made me proud to be a democrat - was when Bush was lamenting that Congress had failed to act on his plan to "save" Social Security and the democrats stood up and clapped, no, cheered, loud and proud. It was, in a word, glorious - roll the tape.

And here's a moment to not be proud of - DINO (democrat in name only) Lieberman is the first to jump to his feet in support of bushie - that's before anyone else in the entire congregation, including republicans, anyone. (thats lieberman in the bottom lefthand corner)

Oh, and Cindy Sheehan, anti-war activist, was dragged out of the State of the Union shortly before Bushie celebrated the freedoms of our country and extolled the virtues of the mighty US of A to the country and the world. She was wearing a shirt that numbered the deaths in Iraq of US troops (troops= drink 1). She was cuffed, dragged out, arrested, and detained for hours. And the authorities said today, that oops, they made a mistake. Also of note, a congresswoman's wife was asked to leave and escorted out for, take a guess? wearing a t shirt - this one in support of the troops. she wasn't cuffed or arrested. But just like poor cindy, the coppers said that they made a mistake. Tell me we are not living in a police state?

Oh and remember this catch phrase from last night that America must "break its addiction to oil"? turns out that was just, yeah know, talk. See today, one day after making that pronouncement, the Sec of Energy says that bushie "didn't mean it literally." Oh really? and how else were we supposed to take that statement? Apparently, not that we would break our addiction to oil.

Ok, and for everyone that was wondering what the hell Bushie was talking about when he said this "Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit the most egregious abuses of medical research: human cloning in all its forms, creating or implanting embryos for experiments, creating human-animal hybrids, and buying, selling, or patenting human embryos." Right, ok so here's the deal: scientists have created what they call chimeras - basically mixing human cells with animal cells - fusing human cells with rabbit eggs, pigs with human blood and mice with human brain cells. Granted, this is a little creepy and we should (maybe?) proceed with caution in this area, I don't think that it quite rises to the level of needing to be talked about during the STATE OF THE UNION. Especially when thousands of soldiers have died in Iraq, our country is turning into a police state, millions of people live in poverty, there's genocide in Darfur, just little things like that. (Here's some more info on the chimera thing from Pharyngula- the leading science blog)

Here's some more SOTU fun - CNN did a little fact checking - seems some of Bushies assertions were a little dubious at best. Here's some fact checking by the WaPo too.

Also, mythbusters is the best show ever.