Sunday, February 05, 2006

I finally got on the L word bandwagon. Because really, who doesn't love lots of attractive women being dramatic and having sex with each other? And who doesn't love Kate Moennig (aka Shane)? Mmm mmm mmm - because I sure do. Hottest couple on the L word, Carmen and Shane - may they never break up and may their sex continue to be hot forever and ever. amen. speaking of hot sex - go here and d/l the video "Sexual" (definitely NOT safe for work) - ignore the music, enjoy the visuals. In other L word news - Jennifer Beals (aka Bette) accidentally outed Kate in an interview with the Advocate - the quote

"Oftentimes I will go [to] Leisha or Kate or Ilene or Rose Troche and ask, 'OK, is this the right thing to do? Is this not the right thing to do? Am I going to seem like a total chump if I do this?'" - Jennifer Beals

right, so kate, are you or aren't you? please god. here's another lesbo savoring carmen and shane's realtionship and wondering about kate and sarah's... enough L word for now. ps: i missed tonight's episode (superbowl - more on that below) and I heard a rumor that shane and carmen are fighting or fought and that makes me particularly and irrationally sad. :( so, anyone who saw the episode and wants to fill me in on what happened - specifically what happened with shane and carmen, i would be most grateful. thanks.

meanwhile, the superbowl! steelers won. That was pretty much it. the rest was pretty boring,
except when the guy other than the QB threw 30 or so yards for a touchdown pass. that was pretty fucking cool. the rest was pretty anti-climactic, right now, i'm watching some shitty local access program reviewing the game while waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on, btw, this local access thing has been on for the past hour-prattling about nothing.

the commercials: i enjoyed the fedex/dinosaur one where the cave man kicks a small dino and gets stomped on by a large elephant like creature. also, the clydsdale colt pulling the busch cart unknowingly being helped by two full grown clydsdale's- made me smile. the budweiser commerical with the naked/streaking goat/sheep and the sprint commerical with the "crime deterrant" feature - ie throwing the phone at a would be thief and knocking them out. so that was pretty much it for the commercials. i saw a lot of commercials that i saw before the superbowl and a lot of jesus commercials.

the most important part about the superbowl was the delicious and very bad for you food that we had. fried chicken, chicken wings, buffalo sauce, sour cream, ranch, salsa, chips, nachos, cheese sauce with sausage bits, mozzarella sticks, m&ms, nerds and beer. mmm mmm.

guilty pleasures: project runway, american idol, and america's next top model. i know, you can
judge me. i accept this.

right, so, the wire tapping hearings start tomorrow bright and early at 8:30 CST. Since i'm unemployed and a political junkie - i'll be glued to cspan taking a break only when the committe breaks for lunch. me = junkie. but what a great week to be unemployed! of course, if i had my old job, i could just read someone else's liveblogging while sitting in my cube doing nothing but getting paid. that would work for me too.

and the olympics start at the end of this week. i've already copied down the curling schedule so that i can watch every match that airs. i'll prolly be sick of it at then end of it all, but eh. until then, i look forward to it. another good reason to be unemployed.

there's another tv program that i discovered this weekend while also watching "giants: friend or foe" "circus freaks and sideshows" and something about dracula. anyway, the other show just airs on broadcast tv, internet virals. the show is web junk 2.0 or something like that and it had some funny shit. for instance - the polar bear and baby seal, the jacking off kangaroo and the holy spirit enema - all can be viewed here

there's news, but i'm too tired to talk about it. the hearings tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the L word drama. Good looking girls and oh! i gust to say "Can't get enough of them! May they continue to grace our screens until season ten or more or forever and ever!

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