Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No new Abu Ghraib pictures, no impeachment talk and the fillibuster stands at 15 votes, of 40 needed....my sister called me on Friday to ask me what a fillibuster was. I ask you, what do high school kids learn these days in civics class? The fillibuster is one of the coolest tricks the Senate can pull, though Rule 21-ing was also fun, whatever happend with that? oh yeah, nothing.

Ohhh it's going to be a long week - no wait, no, I just have two days!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA - yay! oh. no money? boo. Anyway, it is going to be a long day, considering that my day started at the lovely pre-dawn hour of 5:30am. Mmm-hmm. I really have no idea how I'm going to stay awake! but, I will keep you posted. This weekend was fantastic, between Jessica being here, Ipi Zombie?, Novaks and steak and shake, great weekend. But now I'm tired, my weekend wore me out. I think that Wedneday, I'm not going to get out of bed, at all. Especially because I'll be hungover - state of the union tomorrow - what does that mean? state of the union drinking game. the official rules have been posted at drinkinggame.us. I'm very excited. Off to doze at my desk.

That was funny - discovering that something that I had worked on for about 3 days had completely disappeared from the computer. I had to redo it for my meeting with my bosses major and minor tomorrow. ugh.

"Press '1' for existing accounts and Press '2' for new accounts."
3:16pmSorry that I'm lame today guys, I'm monitoring the potential fillibuster... 4:04pmLooks like the dems lost this one big-that puts a damper on my day - well fuck, maybe they'll vote him down tomorrow ....::jen wistfully dreams:::

4:28pmNow let's all get drunk and play ping pong.

4:40pmIn other (unrelated?) news, there's a new salad fingers out!


Blogger Roko said...

High school students learn virtually nothing, and much of what they do learn is suspect. The Articles of Confederation were bad? Lincoln freed the slaves? Franklin D. Roosevelt was a good President? The UN is a good idea? And don't get my started on the state of the sciences. This is what we get from compulsory, socialized education.

(but you already knew I was a nutcase libertarian, right?)

1:16 PM  

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