Monday, January 30, 2006

Good morning and happy Friday! Also, we have no hot water....again.... for like the eighth time this month. Time to buy a new water heater Bob!

If you are a pharmacist and you have a moral problem with filling a person's prescription, you are in the wrong profession. That's like a Jehovah's Witness being a paramedic and having a moral problem with treating a patient - then suing their company for firing them. Your moral views do not give you the right to deny a person medical care - especially if it is your chosen profession.

I think that my internet just went down, which means that I am cut off from the outside world. If it doesn't come back up soon, I might die. Did I mention that it's supposed to be 60 degrees today? and snow on Monday? yeah, schizophrenic weather.

Ok, apparently my internet just hiccuped - it's back up now.

Things we can say hello/goodbye to if (when?) Alito is confirmed...
Roe v Wade
Gay rights
Civil Liberties
Checks and Balances

All Powerful President
More Torture
More Detentions
More Surveillance

I need a nap.

Sign of things to come - Fatah is demonstrating and protesting the election results.

And Bushie denies knowing Jackie (Abramoff, that is) - and suppressed pictures of the two together. The story and here - this smacks of oh, a totalitarian government - I, personally, love when the government suppresses information that might be damaging to their image - it makes me feel all warm and fluffy on the inside.

So, at 8:43pm on January 25 someone from the Department of Defense Network Information Center checked out this post - maybe because it's entitled secret meeting? Once again, I have to wonder if I'm on some sort of watch list. You'll all remember when the US Senate Sergent-at-Arms was checking me out. Glad to know I'm keeping the government on their toes. Oh, and this particular office is located at 3990 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43218.

From their website here :

The Defense Information Systems
Agency is a combat support agency
responsible for planning, developing,
fielding, operating, and supporting
command, control, communications,
and information systems that serve the
needs of the President, Vice President,
the Secretary of Defense, the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, the Combatant
Commanders, and the other Department
of Defense (DoD) Components under all
conditions of peace and war.

One wonders why they would be poking around my lil ole blog.

Here's what I hate. I get a call from a customer service rep in one of the parent company's departments - they have a client on the line who wants to purchase more than the limited amount of gift cards that they can get online. I explain that they can't get more than the limit but they can get a similar product, called the rewards card - same functionality, for businesses. Then they bring over the caller and introduce me as Jalynn, from the gift card department. (shakes head) This makes it really hard for me to explain that we don't do the gift card, when they've referred to me as being from the gift card department. thanks alot guys.

Great! as a thank your for all the work i've done on the reports, my company gave me: a free lunch at the company cafeteria! and two passes so that i can wear denim on my last two day! well golly gee. now don't get me wrong, i'll take free food - but man, i could've used this job for another month!

News from the gay world, by way of Americablog:

Gay rights in WA

The wrong use of an LBGT discrimination policy.

We'll be back on Monday! Have a good weekend!


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