Friday, January 20, 2006

Three years after bombing Iraq into the stone age, Bushie announces today that he will srtip reconstruction funds from the 2007 budget. Funny, the radio told me today that most of Iraq only has electricity for 8 hours of the day. Electriciy and oil production are at pre-war levels. Tell me again how good we were for Iraq- by bombing them, disbanding their military, killing their leaders, opening up their country to become a breeding ground for terrorism. Heckuva job there Bushie.


Adventures is read far and wide - 34 states and 30 countries. Here's the country list so far - go me:
Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile Columbia Croatia Denmark France Germany India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kuwait Netherlands Norway Phillpines Portugal Romania Singapore Spain Swedan Switzerland Taiwan Thailand UK Uruguay

White House admits Abramoff attended White House staff meetings. (Jalynn dances around with unabashed glee)
dirty war, dirty prisons, dirty money, dirty lies - this is the new American way.

Does anyone actually still think that the traditional media leans left?

9/11 Conspiracy Theories - because who doesn't like a good conspiracy theory? I don't put a lot of stock in the theories, Popular Mechanics did a spread debunking the major theories - however, like any good conspiracy theory, inconsistances in the accepted story remain, and fan the flames of the theories. The short video Pentagon Strike is particularly compelling.
But you have to ask yourself, however poorly run and downright dastardly you think the Bush Administration is, are they really so malelovent and nefarious enough to carry out the biggest government coverup since Roswell? (wink.)

At first glance you think, how could thousands of people be in on this and no one come forward - the military, the first responders, staffers in the government? Then you think, wait, thousands of people wouldn't have to be in on it. Thousands of people would respond to the disaster, but only a few would have to be involved....NSA wiretapping scandal, a few people involved, thousands/millions effected.

Now, I don't really think that Bush and Co had anything to do with 9/11, other than not taking steps to prevent it, but I'm not entire convinced that they couldn't pull something like 9/11 off if they wanted to - given the extent of the wiretapping scandal.

My favorite theory is that United Airlines flight 175 wasn't a real airplane but a hologram.

Other things of note from my sojurn into conspiracy land:

General Tommy Franks says that an WMD attack would result in the suspension of the Consitution.

US Military wanted to provoke war with Cuba

Tapes of air traffic controllers on 9/11 destroyed

In other more important news - Maryland strikes down 33 yeard old ban on same-sex marriage. For all you legal geeks out there, the argument was that the law discriminates on the basis of gender wish qualifies for the strict scrutiny reading. The judge ruled that the state had no complelling interest in prohibiting these marriages - and further that "this court is unable to even find that the prohibition of same-sex marriage rationally relates to a legitimate state interest."

Add another Dem "no!" to Alito's nomination - that makes 9. Forty are needed to think about fillibustering. There are currently 44 Democratic senators and 1 independent - the dems lost one vote in senator nelson from nebraska.

I just assigned myself another project and I impulse bought a book "It couldn't happen here" - I'll let you know how it goes.

Can I just point out that my manager and director come to me for information? That what I tell them changes policy? Go me. Right so bossman was like "I sure wish we had xyz" so what did I do? I looked at the raw data and produced xyz. More power, to me.

The cat's away....and there's 23 minutes until the weekend!


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