Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No hot water. No hot water. No hot water.
Even though the boys here to fix it yesterday said this would certainly be the last time-and the landlord says that every part in the water heater has been replaced...time to pony up for a whole new water heater Bob!

Let's talk about global warming. It was 30 degrees yesterday, it's going to get up to 50 today, and 60 tomorrow. It's the middle of January. Highs on average do not exceed 38 degrees, we don't usually see weather like this until March. The average temperature for the past week has been 13 degrees above normal. Um, yes, GLOBAL WARMING.

All of my bosses major are in meetings until 1pm today. While the cat's away, mice will play. I'm the mouse.

About that shooting at the corner of Skinker and Wydown...that's my neighborhood. I've walked past that corner... I'm glad that Stud Life says that it was an isolated incident...

What with the Social Timeline on Facebook? Is there a use for that? They should make useful features, for instance Ariela wants you to be able to comment when you RSVP to an event a la evite. I want changes mades to a profile to be highlighted in red. There's nothing more frustrating than staring at an updated profile and not being able to figure out what has changed about it. Later your friend tells you that they had misspelled a word and had gone back to change it. So, no, nothing major had changed in their lives. And, if you wanted to know about major changes, you should've just asked. Right. But facebook stalking is more fun...

Ok, trauma pills. Take a pill, ease the pain. This development disturbs me, alot. On one hand, Dan pointed out that it's less eternal sunshine and more Men In Black technology. Still, you kind of want people to face their trauma, it makes them stronger, it makes us human? I don't like this trend of popping a pill to get rid of human variation. It's a slippery slope - what if they come out with an anti-gay pill or formula and put it in the water? Or anti-aggression? Serenity anyone? The PAX was supposed to calm the population, instead everyone stopped doing everything and 30 million people let themselves die.

Hi, when there is more than one person on the line, it's polite to mention that fact to me. Because when I've been talking to a man, and a woman's voice starts talking, I just get confused.

And here's a yummy little tidbit - keyboards are about 250 times more disgusting than your average toilet seat.

And just so you all know, pretzels, almonds and m&ms are a delicious combination.

I told you I wasn't looney when I said that Rice was going to run.
Only 1.5 hours of freedom left!

Because who doesn't like napping?
Looking for new apartments is fun. Knowing where you are going to be next year would be more fun. Making a decision that will change your life is no fun.

Remember when I had to listen to a Celine Dion cd played over and over from a cube near mine? Well they've switched. Now, they listen to a steady diet of 102.5. That's soft rock, and love ballads. Puts me in a wonderful mood (Jalynn grits her teeth). Hour after hour of "Sometimes love just ain't enough," "wherever you go," and "white flag," - though, we did have some "rhythm is gonna getcha" earlier. Oh, how I miss the Alito hearings, from the sound of it though, we'll be having some wiretapping hearings sometime soon. If I'm unemployed by that time, I can watch them on CSPAN and flip back and forth with the Olympics.

Fun with Google.

Ever more fun with Excel -- I can't believe that I get paid to just play with the numbers.

4:15pm Maps. This is totally cool. For a select number of cities, you can look up the address and pictures of the local area, thus for below, you have pictures from Dupont Circle. How cool is that?I've been to this bookstore, in fact, I bought A Color of His Own, while drunk. Julia's old place of work was across the street. I don't know why the don't have pics of the other side of the street.

One more hour. One more hour.

Check out Lauren's response to the RFT's article on Brie Johnson - That's my kid. Smackdown!

In other news, Chile elects a woman president.

Hmm yeah, that insurgency sure is dying down...


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