Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Format will follow as yesterday. I'll update as I can, focusing mostly on the second day of the Alito hearings.

I just took a lead for a $2.7 million deal. Why don't I get some sort of commission for this? I was very helpful, how about just .1%? Hell, how about 1%? I'd be set!

I think that I have managed to make a ridiculous amount of new work for myself. In addition to the totals reports, the system spits out new fewer than 3 reports for each person, or "agent"....everyday. Not only do I have to file these ridiculous reports away in their physical domain. I have taken it upon myself to make the reports into something prettier, and ultimately more useful. Go me, but it makes for a lot of data entry. Fortunately for me, the hearings are on, and I can happily listen, take notes, and enter data for my company. There are better ways to earn a paycheck, but this one isn't bad.

I just talked to a lovely British woman. She had a lovely accent. She was not a distributor of pens, like the one of the last British women that I spoke with.

Hey! Someone who I did not previously know linked to me! Check it out at The Silicon Gadfly - A left-wing political blog which highlights well-written commentary from the far reaches of the blogosphere. This is the highlight of my day, right behind Durbin (D-Il) slapping Alito around on his CAP membership.

Here we are at my lunch, let's do the roundup so far:

Durbin (D-Il)
Asks Alito if he agrees with the majority opinions in Griswold and Brown, Alito responds certainly. Durbin goes on to point out that the Constitution does not specifically mention the right to privacy and the right to of school children to have integrated schools. Durbin - "those cases were based on concepts of equality and liberty within our Constitution." He links this to Roe, in that there is no explicit language in the Constitution that protects a woman's right to choose, and Alito will not answer. Even though there is no explict language supporting Griswold and Brown, and Alito has testified that he supports those. He asks directly "Is Roe settled law?" Alito evades. Durbin brings up CAP again. Alito is wishy washy. The thing about the CAP thing that bothers me is that he says that he was not active in the association, was not an officer, did not attend meetings. And yet, he put the organization on his job application several years later. So either he is lying about not being active and supporting the racist, sexist organization, or he was claiming membership like I would say I was a member of the ALAS because I dropped by for free pizza. And just why was he claiming membership... to a racist, sexist organization. In the words of many senators, this troubles me. In the words of my old history professor, I struggle with this issue.

Brownback (R-Ks)
Talks about judicial activism, at least concedes that Bush v. Gore was a case of judicial activism. Keeps using the term "super duper precedence." Talking about courts making mistakes - plessy was a mistake, alludes to Roe being a mistake. blah blah compares alito to o'connor blah blah Brings up that there are checks and balances on the judicial system, especially the exception clause, that defines the jurisdiction of the courts - talks about how his constituents are urging him to introduce legislation to limit the jurisdiction of the courts...blah blah gay marriage blah DOMA blah nothing new here, not sure he even really asked Alito a question.

Coburn (R-Ok)
Walks Alito through his belief that we shouldn't pay any attention to foreign law, how the "framers would be stunned" I find that particularly amusing given how appalled the framers would be with the wire tapping scandal...but I digress...mentions that relying or even considering foreign law might be a violation of the Constitution and would violate the requirement for judges to have good behavior - alludes to impeaching judges. Ok, he got off his rant about foreign law, but now he's quoting a study from new zealand about the long term effects of abortion (does no one else see the irony that he's quoting a foreign study? no? anyone? ok) so yeah, there are complications to the procedure of abortion - fails to mention the complications of bringing a kid into the world when you can't handle it, which is why people get abortions....blah blah, tosses a couple of softballs to Alito, once he gets of his high horse about abortion. softball ex: tell me about what's in your heart....

Specter (R-Pa)
Questions him on the separation of powers. Alito is non committal. Talks about having open court sessions, ie court on tv "because this isn't Law and Order." blah blah

Leahy (D-Vt)
Hammers hard on what the Pres could and could not do. Could he order and independent agency to do x,y,z? what about FISA? Could he order intelligence agencies to violate the statute? Alito - "if statute was unconstitutional then constitution would trump statute." so in Bushie's world, where any law that attempts to constrain his so-called war powers is unconstitutional, he could pretty much get away with anything and Alito would back him up on it.

Hatch (R-Ut)
Blah blah attack groups blah blah tactics of the left wing. RedHead over at Firedoglake seems to think that Hatch felt that the dems were on to something with Vanguard and the moot court sessions with the Administration that Feingold hit on pretty hard yesterday.

Kennedy (D-Ma)
Hits hard on the CAP thing AGAIN. how could alito not know that one of it's principle pillars was discrimination against women and minorities. Didn't he know about Prospect magazine, that CAP put out? What about hateful articles in the magazine calling for the discrimination of minorities in admissions policy and the disparaging of the AIDS crisis? What about the editorial in the WSJ talking about how hateful and repugnant CAP was, right about the time that Alito was touting it in his 1985 application? Alito has no recollection - so either he's a liar, or he's oblivious. Ok now, even though he doesn't really have any recollection of his membership in CAP, he thinks he joined because of his opinions about the ROTC on Princeton's campus - so he can't remember much about the group, but he can remember, vaguely why he joined - though he didn't bother to see what the group was really about. Ooh, now Kennedy wants access to the CAP records, he wants a subpoena - and Spector just snapped at him - I AM THE CHAIRMAN - watch as I beat my chest with my fists... (video)

Grassley (R-Ia)
blah blah your critics say that blah blah blah. he talks about how much he likes Alito, they have a nice chat.

Biden (D-De)
hits abortion again, not surprising. hits CAP again "why did you put it on your application?" especially years later?

that's it for my lunch, we'll complete the roundup sometime later tonight, it looks like we might be in for a third round of questioning. Today, we still have: Kyl, Kohl, DeWine, Feinstein, Sessions, Feingold, Graham, Schumer and Corryn. Looks like the hearings will run until at least 4:30 CST.

I kid you not, I just spoke to Courtney Love ....ok ok, not the real Courtney Love, but James did speak to the real Tom Brady last week.

Ahhhhhh!!! I keep missing all the best parts because people keep calling me and I have to answer their little questions. Can't they see that I'm much to involved with the political process to answer their silly questions right now?! Extensive review of the transcript of the day's preceding will occur later tonight.

It's really easy folks, Press 1 for existing accounts and Press 2 for new accounts. The first thing out of your mouth should not be "I have an account with you".

C'mon sir, spit out what you need to ask?

Dammit! Stupid people, now I've gone and missed most of Feinstein. Check on the transcript later....whoops looks like a I missed all the fun!

Oh yeah, in other news, that illegal NSA program may have affected millions of Americans. "That would mean for most Americans that if they conducted, or you know, placed an overseas communication, more than likely they were sucked into that vacuum," Tice (the NSA whistle blower) said. Which means me! I've placed an oversees call, I hope they listened in...we have a running joke about only speaking hypothetically in our apartment in case Big Brother is listening. As Lauren sagely pointed out, the TV is watching.

They're breaking again. No word on whether or not we will have Round 3, Leahy seems interested and DiFi asked Specter. Specter seems reluctant and wants to wrap things up sooner rather than later. In Round 2, we still have Feingold, Graham, Schumer, Corryn, Durbin, Brownback and Coburn. I would think that the hearings could run as late as 6:30 CST. We'll catch up with everyone, check the transcript and link all appropriate video (ie. the Specter/Kennedy scuffle) at that point.

It was quite pleasant walking out from work today. The days are getting longer - it was still light out when I left, instead of full dark. Off to Dad's office for a couple of more hours of work. The daily roundup will be forthcoming when I get home.

Kyl (R-Az)
blah blah playing defense on the CAP issue blah blah unfair smear campaign - you've been very forthcoming, nope, not dodging or evading questions at all, nothing to see here America, just move along. 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate 8-6-4-2 who the heck do you think we do! Judge Alito!

Kohl (D-Wi)
Roe and Casey again, points out inconsistences in Alito's answers. Alito comments that abortion is still an "issue in play" really? cause I thought it was settled law, having been challenged and reaffirmed oh 30-some odd times. but that's just me. Absolutely takes him to task on inconsistencies. Ok, and then something weird, the transcript says "My role is not to substitute my judgment for that of the immigration judge." but I could have sworn that he stuttered before he said immigration and started to say Administration. So it would have read "my role is not to substitute my judgement for that of the Administration." Gotcha! Mentions that when it comes to immigration cases, Alito's record is 1 for 8 and the national sample was more like 50%

++ok, so early Kennedy requested some records and he and specter had a spat over the records and procedure, Kennedy says that he sent specter a letter weeks ago about these records, specter said he never got it, but kennedy's aids came up with specter's response. we're going to get a look at those records. here's more video++

DeWine (R-Oh)
talks about how judges cannot legislate from the bench...speech speech...trying to bolster his plummeting approval rating in Ohio -- oddly brings up free speech and the right to be heard (really? sounds like an interpretation of the Constitution...), free speech zones - funny because this was a Bush innovation - like war protests have to take place in little roped off areas far far away from anyone. or republican convention protesters get penned up and shipped off - so no one sees odd for a Republican senator to bring it up.

Feinstein (D-Ca)
I missed most of this and had to check the transcript, but it looks like she led him through the precedence surrounding Roe and the value of precedence - and asks him why he can speak to one man, one vote when there are four cases before the supremes and yet he cannot speak about roe, using the defense that it might come before him as a supreme? she says it makes no logical sense that he can comment on one and not the other.

Sessions (R-Al)
talks about how forthcoming Alito is... blah blah rah rah Alito! are you going to ask a question anytime soon senator? apparently not ...he's reading some statements in support of Alito, seems like he can barely read. asks if appellate courts can be disbanded? Talks about "doing something" about activist courts...

Feingold (D-Wi)
I missed most of Feingold...he talks about how pro-government Alito's record is...smacks him down again for the Vanguard thing - shouldn't have promised to the committee- there was no time limit on the promise, etc. No fireworks today from Russ.

Graham (R-Sc)
blah blah we like Sam! blah blah blah

Hammers him on CAP, Roe, admonishes Alito not to be argumentative. same old same ole - but it was good, and forceful and passionate. Why didn't he list any other group on that application? maybe one that he had actually been active in? nah...

Corryn (R-Tx)
oh he has a chart, oh it says that Alito has answered 98% of questions asked. yeah, i really accept that from the guys that have been saying that alito has been forth coming. just how did you calculate that senator? talks about the scalito nickname -- asks "are you a clone?"

Durbin (D-Il)
talks about religion in school blah bleh blah blah nothing really new here.

Brownback (R-Ks)
Announces his support for the nominee, before the hearings are over and witnesses have been heard. and all the while the traditional media has admonished democrats for coming into it with their minds made up. Did anyone else just hear the senator from Kansas announce his support for the nominee before the end of the hearings? no one? ok. fine.

Coburn (R-Ok)
Rambles on about abortion and the health of women, because he is so concerned about the health of women-- keeps talking about abortion on demand - a question? ever? senator? doesn't understand why if someone assaults a pregnant women and causes the fetus to be aborted they are guilty of murder, but if the women gets an abortion, there is no crime. and the answer, senator is because the person who assaulted the woman is not the woman and the woman has the right to make choices about her own body. dumbass. he also goes on to breakdown the percentages of why women have abortions, the final reason is "And one percent is they didn't want anybody else to know somebody had sex with them" note the wording, "they(being women) didn't want anybody else to know somebody (a man) had sex with them" not that they had sex with someone, that sex was done to them, as if they were a passive player -- words matter. 21 percent say that they can't afford a child, 21 percent say they don't want the responsibility, 12 percent have bad relationships, 11 percent are not mature enough -- do we really want to force these women to have children...

And that was the end of the hearings for today. Tomorrow, we'll have another round lasting no more than 25 minutes per senator, and then witness testifying should go on for awhile.

I expect everyone of the dems on the committee to vote no on the nominee, they need a strong show of support- and they need to convince one republican, and i don't think that will happen. the dems may have to filibuster this, and that means the nuclear option...stay tuned.


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