Monday, January 09, 2006

Roofing guys at the building next door must have thought that our apartment building was nothing but college kids on break because they double parked behind my car. Helloooooo! Some of us do have to go to work. They were very nice about moving their truck though - so I forgive them.

Monday monday monday.... the week promises to be dull at work but hopping in the news. Abramoff lingers, the wiretapping scandal with the added caveat of spying on journalists continues to break and Alito's confirmation hearings are this week. It should all be exciting...

Carl's birthday was last week and we have a cake for him today. It's a very pretty chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top...I have a piece sitting here on my desk. I'ts been here for about 20 minutes but people keep calling me, just as I'm about to take a bite...damn them!

Bossman liked my work! "I like what you've been able to do so far." Yay! Now keep me on until August and offer me a raise...I can integrate last year's data with this year, build the workbook for next year, integrate that, produce charts and scorecards and graphs - I can massage the data. I want to help you, help the company...and more than anything, I want to help myself stay employed.

So, in reality, I'm not off of the phones. I'm using my excellent reporting skills, and staying on the phones. I don't actually have less to do, I have more to do and less free time. shrug. I think that I can make myself appear to be busy all of the time, so busy in fact, that I need to stay on and do the reporting because it just takes so much time and no one else has anytime to do it...

I'm convinced that I just spoke to a robot from a different customer service department...

"Yes, I just placed a rather large order for rewards cards and I need an invoice, but it won't let me go back to that screen." Ok, ma'am, where did you place your order? "rewards and benefits for gift cheques and now I can't get the invoice for the gift cards" Ok, wait, did you place an order for gift cheques, or gift cards? "Gift cards." Ok, you placed an order for gift cards at "Yes." Ok, that is a different department and I'll transfer.

I like people that call and they're just excited about life in generally. Those are the people that make me the happiest - especially if I'm having a shitty day.

So lunch. Right. There are five people in the department. Three are in the main pool and two handle the other line. No less than one person must be in each pool at any given time. Our previous lunch schedule achieved this and I ate at 12:30pm. The most senior people in our department last week decided that we would take 45 minute lunches as opposed to 30 minute lunches and just not tell our superiors. This put my lunch at 1pm. No problem there, the later my lunch is (with in reason) the less time I have after lunch until I am free. Here's the lunch order: Caller 1 goes to lunch at 10:45am, caller 2 at 11:30, caller 3 at 12:15, me at 1:00pm and caller 5 sometime after that. Here's the problem: caller 3 and I are the only ones on that 2nd line; Which means that if caller 1 and 2 go late to lunch, caller 3 goes late, and I have to go after 3, which means I went today at 1:30ish...and I was damn hungry by that time. Solution, caller 3 should wise up and go before 2 gets back. It's ok because 1 and 5 are still on that line and I'm covering the other one. That way, I don't have to wait until 1:30 to eat. Thanks for your attention.

Due to lack of sleep from being too preoccupied to sleep and the rowdy nightly celebrations of my beloved roommates, I'm not really in the mood to blog politics. And there's not really much to comment on today. Look for the Alito hearings to get interesting some time tomorrow.

I'm entering formula's to get weekly averages for nine months. There are 11 categories in those 9 months and the data is for between 20-22 days in a month. There is not really an easy way to copy the formula I need for the different cells which means I have to type a variation of the formula "=june!c4:june!c10,july!f3" approximately 2,000 times. I kind of want to die and hate myself for starting this project. I have to keep reminding myself that this is why they are going to want to keep the past work hours, I've managed to complete the averages for 3 months.

That caller must have had me lookup 5 different zip codes, and I was like "ma'am, ma'am this information is on the website" "just one more" ok.But still, I'm fond of the callers, because without them, I would just be doing data entry, and I've decided that that makes me want to die. I need the human contact that I get through the 40 or so callers that I get throughout the day. I think that if I were sitting in my cubical, all by my lonesome, all day, doing data entry all day, I might have to take a stapler to myself. Fortunatly, I don't. Plus, I get to share emails with my wonderful corporate collegues all over the big STL - I especially like paragraph upon paragraph of food descriptions. Thanks Katie! And here it is reposted:

"Today I had Subway for lunch. It was a delicious 6 inch turkey on honey oat with white american, lettuce, tomato, bananna peppers, red onions, and red wine vinigarette sauce. I usually get mayo, but I'm going on a slight health kick, so I decided to leave it out. The sandwich was 90% as good as usual though, because the red onions were sliced thinly, so I got some on every bite, but they werent overpowering. There is a science to making a sandwich, and my friend at Subway must have a PhD. "

What do you do when the internet holds nothing more of interest to you and you have 55 more minutes before you are free to go?


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