Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The only thing worse than no hot water for your shower is just enough medium warm water that you think is going to turn into hot water, so you get in the shower. Several minutes later you realize that the water is getting progressively cooler, not warmer, and you had best hurry your shower. So you get out, dripping wet. The bathroom is of course cold because there was never enough hot water to produce the steam that is usually a buffer against the cold and helps you acclumate to the temperature. And that, is a shitty way to start your morning.

Due to extensive number crunching today at work, and discovering that the format they were using for their spreadsheets had caused the entire workbook to miscalculate year end projections by 30-50%, I was unable to blog as I usually do. Hopefully the detailed analysis will guarantee me a spot next month. Anyway, let's do a brief news roundup.

First this:
This is crass and distasteful, derogatory, degrading and definitely not safe for work. It also happens to be extremely funny, if you have Ann Coulter. Be sure to read the follow up!

On to the serious stuff.

King George dissolves Congress. (from DailyKos)
Bush spying on journalists. (from AmericaBlog)
and more here: motive.

Things are peachy in Afghanistan and Iraq and we're pulling troops out.

Openly gay woman is elected to second most powerful position in New York City government.

The football commentator for the Rose Bowl just made an extended Harry Potter analogy, about how a player flew through the air like a Quidditch match and he has the snitch in the endzone. Yeah.

Ok, I have to be at work by 8am tomorrow, so I'm going to bed - didn't sleep well last night. Hopefully, more will be forthcoming tomorrow.


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