Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When life gives you limes, lick the salt off of your wrist, take a shot of tequilla and suck the hell out of that lime.

Three calls so far today, it has slowed down massively from last week. There is cinnamon bread and cheese and crackers in our department today. I love the corporate world during the holiday season. Hopefully, I'll be getting my retention bonus sometime soon. Karen is working on it.

We got it! We will have our bonuses in hand on our last day of work!! Yay for $500! Let the shopping spree commence!

I just talked to a woman who was like, Jalynn, I am an idiot and I think I've mucked this up. I did blah blah blah. What can I do to fix this? Well, ma'am I can give you the number of our lost/stolen department and they should be able to further assist you. Yes, but Jalynn, do you have an idiot department, because that's where I need to be sent. I really enjoyed this woman.

I just got asked if the caller could take the customer satisfaction survey, because I was the most competant person that she had talked to.

Too tired to write today, maybe I'll get a second wind. The soda machine is out of Mountain Dew, and I have no Red Bull......zzzz...

No second wind...but let's just comment on how #3 in the top ten for books on facebook is the bible. :::looks confused::: the bible, does not appear on WashU's top ten list at all. In fact, they share all but 3 books, WashU has #5 Catch-22, #7 Pride and Prejudice and #9 Ender's Game. The facebook list includes, #3 The Bible, #9 Lord of the Rings, and #10 The Notebook. Do you think the greater facebook community is referring to the LOTR books, of which none of them are actually named Lord of the Rings, or they got confused and put a movie in the book category?

WashU also divurges from the "mainstream" on movie watching, kids at washu enjoy such films as shawshank redemption (#1), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (#5), zoolander (#6) and love actually (#8). Apparently we missed out on the notebook (#1-again?!), anchorman (#3), napoleon dynamite (#4) and wedding crashers (#5). This has been your facebook update. The new feature that offers these little tidbits is called PULSE.

Minesweeper: Expert: 193 seconds.


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