Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today is a good day! I got lots of sleep and woke up happy and refreshed. Though the day is gloomy and ugly, I feel great. I got my cup of hot chocolate, compliments of Karen and my pop tarts, which really are not great, but I'll live. I want the work day to be over, so I can go and play. Eight hours and 15 minutes to go!

My temporary coordinator just informed me that he had spoken to bossman, and they were going to pull me off of the phones for a little while and make use of my excel skills. Nothing like making yourself useful just before your temporary assignment is up…

I enjoy callers that try to flirt with me, male callers… female callers would be awesome and I would be entirely entertained, but that has never happened. So back to flirty male callers…I always say sir and ma'am, it's just the professional thing to do, everything is "yes sir," and "no sir." Today when I was just sitting quietly doing my job "yes sir" and "no sir-ing" happily along, I get a caller who says "ohhh, you're all business today, aren't you Jennifer?" I responded (with the only acceptable response), "yes sir." "Where are you located Jennifer?" "Missouri, sir." Blah blah blah "You should really try to relax and loosen up Jennifer…" "Yes sir, I'll certainly try and do that." "I guess you can't really at your job … " "No sir, not really … have a nice day sir." "Yes ma'am, you too." Oh Rick, you are a kidder.

Ok, so I had written some entries here, and managed to accidentally erased it, but I’ll attempt to reconstruct them. So after I ate lunch ….the only way to eat half of a frozen pizza is to fold it in half…have you ever had the feeling that you didn’t want to eat anymore? Not that you don’t want food, just that you don’t want to take the time to make it and eat it. So, if you could take a pill and get all of your nutrients and vitamins that would be good. But I only sometimes have that feeling. I mean, who could turn down Outback, or mom’s home cooking, or Imo’s? Why don’t non St. Louisans not like Imo’s? They say that it’s like a cracker with cheese. Um, it’s called thin crust and that cheese is provel. Provel is one of the great chesses along with brie (with pears), havarti (with or without dill), and cheddar, white or orange, as long as it’s sharp. Who could give up cheese? Which is why I don’t really understand vegans.

So I just did this project for bossman, she was all like, if I could have it by the end of the day, that would be great. Twenty minutes later it was on her desk, and I was like SNAP! She was like, that was quick. And I was all like, yes, I am completely useful and you should keep me around for as long as possible. But that last part was in my head, and I didn’t really say it out loud. I also helped out our temporary coordinator with some excel stuff… I kindof wanted to grab the keyboard out of his hand and finish the damn project on my own. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it, he was just very slow and deliberate, and slow. I honestly think that I could have had the project that he’s been working all day on, done in about 2 hours.

Ok, I’ve had enough, I’m ready for the day to be over. My immediate bossman is lurking about…she’s introducing herself to her new department and sitting with people and chatting for a few minutes. I’d like to meet her, but while I’m not meeting her, I’d like to be playing on the internet and I can’t do that when she’s sitting right there.

Dilemma: I just heard a rumor that they are going to “keep” one temp. I don’t know if that means they are going to hire, or if they are going to just keep a temp. I have an interview with immediate bossman on Friday. I don’t know if I should play up my temp status in order to look good as someone they could just have for a little while, and pay a whole lot less OR if I should play down the temp status and imply that I could stay for a long time to come. And I could stay, for about 8 more months, but law school beckons. If they were going to pay me a great deal, I would put off law school and save money before heading off to law school. I’m not sure what they pay the full-timers, but I believe it’s on the order of 35k a year, I only spend about 1k a month, which means I could save almost 15k after taxes….plus benefits…any advice would be much appreciated.

4:52pmSome guy just made a weird analogy about the ordering limits that we have on our products. He said, “I just don’t understand why there are ordering limits, I mean, if I go into a delicatessen and order 12 apples, they’re not going to tell me that, that is higher than their ordering limit.” Naturally, I said “yes, sir, but those are the limits in place, here are your options….” What I should have said is, sir, this is why your analogy sucks, a) we are not a deli, b) why would you order apples at a deli c) if you were to try and order 12,000 apples at a deli and they didn’t have them, that would be their ordering limit. Dip shit. So it’s like this, we only have so many apples available and you’re trying to order more than we have, here’s what we can give you, and here’s where you can round up the rest of your apples, now fuck off.


Blogger Roko said...

I'm not from St. Louis, and I like Imo's. It's not pizza, but I like it.

Also, saving money is always good, and 15K is really good. That's like a full year of law school (for state residents) at UConn. Good luck getting the permanent job.

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