Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So I walk into the office and there is this absolutely giant package of instant hot cocoa mix… eight different kinds! Karen bought it for me. She didn't really say why, but it put a huge smile on my face. Which was good because I was actually dreading drinking my "ValuTime" instant stuff that cost a dollar.

Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking to find that you have lots of new bruises in interesting and amusing locations? Do you wonder how you managed to get said bruises? And you know, you know that all during the week your friends are going to fill in the gaps for you, for instance: Hey, remember when you cut your foot really badly on the fire escape? Remember when Lauren punched you? Remember falling on your face? Yeah, it was one of those weekends.

My roommate enjoys the benefits of a certain herb that grows naturally upon this planet. She smokes every night sometime after 8pm, like clockwork. She says things like, "My lungs are lanterns of bliss and joy." She reads the bible and the book of Mormon. She paraphrases bible stories for us. She takes notes on what we say and do, and reads them to us later. She's like our official recorder. We utilized her skills most recently at our party on Saturday. She read us quotes from the party, last night. Apparently, I was drunkenly encouraging people to accept me as their lord and savior. Someone said, there are men in our midst, and something about not having anything against the penis, just not wanting it, etc. etc. etc. Thank you Carissa, for always taking down notes!

Speaking of the party, everyone looked hot. Cops and Robbers, what a great theme, I mean who doesn't have handcuffs, an airsoft pistol, and a leather holster lying around? Ok, so most people don't have those things, but even so, everyone did a really excellent job on their outfits. From Nicole and her fatigue shorts and double holsters, to Jessica's cat burglar, Tristan's bandit and Betsy's police blues. Also, beer pong = happy times.

Um, Greg was fired. He just came in to pick up some things (what? I don't know). Note the time—we thought he just had a really wild weekend. But apparently our temp agency called him on Friday night to tell him that he didn't need to come in on Monday, ouch. Excessive tardiness, a customer complaint and excessive internet surfing. (I hope I'm not next on the chopping block due to this offense. As such, internet activities may be restricted for a little while.) So yeah, Greg = fired. This makes me a little sad because I was actually starting to like him, and we did always walk down to our cars when we were done here. I'll miss that. Meanwhile, he was going to go talk to bossman and give her a piece of his mind… I don't know if he got the opportunity to do that or if he was escorted from the building. At any rate, we are down a person for today.

Um, one of my other coworkers just left. No reason given, he just left for the day, that along with Greg's departure, and another coworker leaving early today is going to make for some hellish times.

Hellish times, in the past hour I took 19 call – the most I have ever taken in a single hour, the previous record had been 14. If the day keeps going like this, and it will, then we are on track for an 80+ call day. Back to back to back. Well, I wished to be more busy, and I finally got it.

With the departure of Greg, and the way that I hear that bossman handled it, I think that my $500 bonus at the end might be in question. This does not please me. I've already spent that money in my head! I want, no need new combat boots! I need the giant pillow. I need lots of random shit that I don't need!

Make that a 90+ call day – that's what we're on track for. I've now had four consecutive hours of 10+ calls. Whew! I am going to be tired and hoarse tonight.

Ok, since I'm not playing on the internet today, I can't really comment on the news, so I'll just have to talk about things I know. Here's one. Salad Fingers is a fucking strange cartoon. Truly deranged. You should all check it out. However, don't watch it alone, and don't watch it right before bed, because you will not, not be able to sleep. Here's some memorable quotes: "The feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic," "I like it when the red water comes out," "Margorie Stewart-Baxter, you taste like sunshine dust…Hubert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo!" Um, yeah, check it out. Here's some analysis Salad Fingers

We just broke the record for the most calls I've taken in a day. 75 calls so far, two hours and 17 minutes remain.

"Got it girlfriend."

5:46pmI just beat the expert level of minesweeper in just over four minutes. Go me.


Blogger Roko said...

I am jealous of your party. Sure, I go out to bars and such with my brothers in The City, but there's something to be said for a party, and not just the lack of a $50-something tab per person.

That said, we really must hang out when I'm in StL.

6:50 PM  

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