Friday, December 09, 2005

I got a new phone! The owners manual is 140 pages long, fortunately 70 of those pages are the spanish translation, unfortunately it looks like the actual 70 pages of owners manual stuff is completely useless. And my eye won't stop twitching.

I think I might have come out to someone at my offce, quasi randomly.

Ok, KG matters have been taken care of, I'm starting to look through the news and we'll do the roundup, in a little bit.

Dems need to find their unified voice on Iraq. Murtha and Pelosi are on the same page, but Dean has got something different going on, so does Kerry, Clinton, and let's not even talk about Lieberman. For the dems to take advantage of the disarray that the gop is in, they must come up with a unified plan for withdrawing from Iraq. Anything else and the party will remain splintered and we will lose the opportunity to make gains in the '06 election. Not only that, but failing to come up with a plan could cost us the '08 election too. It's the important. Iraq is THE issue. Here's an idea, we cannot just up and leave, and we can't stay forever, let's develop certain goals that would bring troops home, when those are met, we bring them home. Seems so easy, doesn't it?

Ford. Ford recently caved to the religious right and has stopped targeting the gay market to sell certain line of their vehicles. They have also said that they will stop sponsoring gay events. All to forestall a boycott by the religious right and their ilk. AmericaBlog has been following the story and they can explain it more succinctly than I, and how you can make a difference. Make these shitheads think before they bow to a hate mongering minority.

Speaking of hate mongering. Anne Coulter, (ewww, ugh. I feel dirty just talking about her) was recently booed and heckled at a University appearance, she then went on to comment that she loves speaking to audiences stupider than she is. Oh really Anne, really? Can you find alot of crowds like that? I doubt it. Anne Coulter is the personification of everything wrong with the GOP. She spews hate, intolerance, and just blatant stupidity, everywhere she goes. Who could forget her comment after 9/11 about how we should bomb their countries, kill their leaders and convert them all to christianity. Now, that doesn't sound too Christian Anne. And people just gobble her up. ugh I can't talk about her anymore, I need to shower.


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