Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It snowed! And I heard that it is 20 degrees colder than normal. Yay! The low tonight is between 8-10 degrees. Fortunately I have to cats to curl up with at night. And a shrink-wrapped apartment. I think that I need to shrinkwrap the window in my room, and the doorway (that is currently boarded up) leading to Jeff's room (who is still MIA after the Thanksgiving Break) because his room is about 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment and the air seeps into my room. Brr.

Meanwhile, I hope that my boss doesn't look to see how much time I am and am not on the phone because my seniors here routinely have me hop of the phones to help them with some software issue, whether excel or outlook. Hopefully they would tell bossman the reason that I'm off the phone so much... oh and the bosses bought us pizza today!

So I just talked with author Tom Clxncy's secretary. She offered to put him on the phone. I said that wouldn't be necessary. We got him squared away after a bit though.

I've heard rumors of things:
1) Rumsfield has gone completely off the deep end.
2) Bushie might nominate Lieberman to replace Rummy
3) Obama may consider a run for the presidency

The first is pretty common in the blogsphere, the second I've seen in a few places, and the the third I've seen once. Rumor and speculation.

I heard this on NPR last week, but here is the link compliments of Audra (link) Essentially a chemical pesticide called methyl bromide was banned by the Montreal Protocol because it depletes the ozone layer and can cause neurological damage. Bush has some how convinced the signatories of the Protocols that the US needs an exemption for methyl bromide because we simply can't do without it. Here's the simplest objection, from the article:
"Once a conventional farmer, her epiphany came one day when she donned protective gear and locked her dog in the car so he wouldn't inhale methyl bromide leaking from a nozzle. 'I thought this was an insane way to make food,' she said"
Uh, yeah. And most farmers objection to the ban is that there is nothing that works as well... uh yeah, but in the end it's going to help kill us all, and in the short run just give a whole bunch of people brain damage -- I think we can find a better way.

So I tried to choke down some coffee today, just because I wanted something hot to drink. Coffee sucks. Also, it makes me jittery as hell, and I only had half a cup. Ergo, I'm going to the store tonight to purchase some much needed hot chocolate. Yeah. I would say Red Bull, but I drank a ridiculous and disgusting amount of Red Bull on Saturday night when the four of us were busy polishing off 10 Red Bulls, a dozen bottles of water, a two liter of coke, two 64 oz Gatorades, 750 ml of Vodka and a liter of rum. Yeah. No more Red Bull for awhile. Well, until Saturday....unless we get that keg...

Compliments of Audra (again), a followup to that boneheaded professor who made the disparaging commnents about fundamentalist christians. (link). Now, I know that I said he was a bonehead, but I didn't think he deserved to get beat.

I kid you not, some guy just told me that he loved me.

Oh god. I not only know the numbers that we most often transfer to, but I also am beginning to learn which sales rep has which territories. I've been here to long already. And now, the have set us up with voice mail, in addition to our named email accounts. Could they be planning to keep us on? Hopefully we'll know soon.

I've just learned that they have also set all of us up with accounts to place orders, and you have to ask yourself, why bother with temps that have just over two weeks left to work here.

Whoops! We've got a new boss, more on that later.


Anonymous Roko the Wonder (Frat) Boy said...

Ah, binge drinking. On the subject of that, I'm going to be coming into StL on Jan 14th, leaving on the 17th. It's for I-week and initiation, which means I'll be dedicating at least some of my time to hanging out with my brothers and meeting the pledges, but we need to get together for a drink or twelve. Your challenge, find a decent bar. Extra points, find one a la d.b.a. that doesn't serve Bud, Miller, Coors, or anything "light", "lite", "ultra", or "low carb". (aside, should you ever find yourself in NYC, let me know, I'll take you down to d.b.a.)

6:42 AM  
Blogger Roko said...

And now I want you to see what you've done to me.

8:06 AM  

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