Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We got Krispy Kremes today (Four boxes! Four!). I guess they are trying to placate us about the fiasco yesterday. What would really help would be a boss in residence aka here in the bull pen with us. Thanks.

I'm kindof really looking forward to getting calls from clients that haven't received a callback from the sales rep, so I can send a bitchy email to the sales rep, report them to my boss, and their boss. Ha ha.

No one believes me when I tell them that they are floating Condoleeza Rice as a viable Republican candidate for 2008. Well here it is, out of the blogosphere and in the mainstream media. I give you the Republican Nominee. Furthermore, she has been rated in numerous surveys as high as Rudi Guliani and John McCain... these three blow any other republican primary candidate completely out of the water. Some more notes. John McCain is the only one that really thumps Hillary in a head to head match up, but make him an independent (not as outlandish as you might imagine) and toss in ms. rice, and its a damn tie, with republicans splitting almost 50-50. The dems need to have a civil but thorough primary, when they have a candidate, they need to be unified and strong. We can only hope that the GOP will have a bloody bloody primary and remain as divided as they are now. McCain cannot win the presidency because as one blogger (who I can't remember, Atrios, Daily Kos, or MyDD) comments, he can reach out to independents and dems, but can't hold his party. Hillary, may run into the same but different problem if she cannot find a way to continue to reach out to independents and repubs without losing her own party. At this time the dems have no other potential candidate rating more than 15% (Hillary is on top, commanding 41% of the hypothetical electorate.)

For all you Facebook lovers out there, here's a story for you. At a university with a no alcohol policy and an overzealous RA took it upon herself to peruse the school's facebook and assign citations to those students that allegedly appeared in pictures with alcohol in violation of the policy. Yeah. A little much, huh? So that's just a warning to all of you that aspire to do great things in life or serve in public office. Beware the pictures you post on the internet.

11:49am So weird. I got a call from corporate services and she had a client on the line who was trying to order one of our products from the website and was having difficulties, could I help her? I said no, that's not really my department, and transferred her to the right one. BUT, do you know what the client's name was? do you? It was my name, first and last. Bizarre. We have six people in the call pool taking calls, and that one came to me. Fucking weird.

Oh, and I failed to mention that yesterday I managed to spot the hottie that works in Marcom, she was wearing-come-fuck-me-boots. Drool.

I kid you not, I got my-name-girl again. The chances of that happening, are ridiculous. Anyway, she was very pleasant, we had a good laugh. She's from Houston and she has dog-piled our name. She asked me if I was the poet. I said no, but she should try googling our name and check out the superhero.

Um, yes…Bushie's speech at Annapolis this morning? Complete shit. Since when did we start calling the terrorists (rebels) obstructionists, and saddamists? Are those even words? He says that we can't have "artificial deadlines," well, how about we have some official deadlines? Certain things happen, we pull some troops out, certain other things happen, we pull more troops out. It's really not that hard. In fact, it's sortof what he's asking for, by his definition, it sounds like an artificial deadline. What exactly would a non artificial deadline look like.

Meanwhile, I came across this. Brace yourself, this is intense.

Speaking of scary things, accidental poisonings from acetaminophen, commonly called Tylenol.

Ok here's the email that our wayward sales rep sent to her boss, and he forwarded it to our boss, who forwarded the original email to us (Names have been with held for security purposes):

As each day further into peak, I am growing more and more concerned with our customer support group........ Is there anything you can do to speak with whoever is in charge of the group- about the uniformity of what they say and do? Here are a few of the things I've heard from my clients:

Holding 10 minutes in between calls
Transferred 5 times from 1 800 number to the next - back and forth
They are giving out pricing that is inaccurate- Free for example: but not indicating that this is a promotion for a focus use card
Telling people that they have placed there order
Telling people they have set up their account
Sending reps emails requesting to put a rush on acct set ups for clients who are calling in
Customer support reps indicating that they are the only one there after 3:30 and that because calls were in Queue, there wasn't much he could do to assist my client need.

These are just a few of the ones in the last 24-48 hours.

And her second email today:
I just received a transferred call from customer support. I get on the phone and one of my client needs me to hold her hand and walk her thru the ordering process. I don't have time for this , and this should have been screened as to what the client needed. Customer service also told them 10 days before they get their order, which has got her all freaked out. I know we are in peak, and maybe I'm in need of clarifying the timelines but it isn't 10 days now is it?

Now tell me that doesn't sound like a small child crying to daddy about something. Honestly folks, I thought I was amongst professionals.

Meanwhile, I've now taken well over 1000 calls for the company.

I think that we all have been wishing for this forever. My pics would be Food Network, USA, TNT, Comedy Central, and local broadcast, maybe CNN - that's all we ever watch.

I like flirting with female callers, just enough so that when they get off the phone they think to themselves, was that girl flirting with me? And the answer, I work on the 200th floor girl, is yes, definitely yes.


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