Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I got my computer back! It only cost $140 to get it fixed, which is exceptional because I thought that it was going to be closer to $300, and now it is fixed! So I spent several hours last night puttering around on the computer that I have not had for more than 3 months, and updating facebook. That's right, you can now see many random pics of random events from last year right there on my facebook profile. Facebook has a really nice interface for uploading and tagging photos, I strongly support all of my friends adding pics so that I might steal them from the site for my own personal stores. Also, so that I am more easily able to blackmail the future stars of America using their facebook profiles, friendster profiles, AIM away messages, pictures gleaned from kabance and facebook. I love the internet.

Greg isn't in today, apparently he is sick. Funny how he seemed perfectly fine yesterday. So, I guess after 3:30, I'll be fielding all of the calls that come in. Yesterday, that meant nearly 30 calls on my end only, so double that, I can expect damn near 60 calls today after 3:30. great, just great.

For an outstanding accounting of the so-called downfall of the Bush presidency, an excellent timeline.

Food food and more food. Today was the Thanksgiving potluck, I had forgotten it was today and brought my lunch, but I can wait to eat potato soup until tomorrow. There were four tables of food. An entire table for cheese/crackers/veggie trays, an entire table for side dishes, an entire table for desserts. There was chicken, turkey and ham. Oh, it was so good. And now I am very full and somewhat sleepy.

Lets talk about those anti-reflection screens that some people put over their computer screen. I believe that they cut down on the glare and help your eyes out if you stare at a computer screen all day. An interesting thing to note about the screens however, is that if you glance at a screen from any angle or distance away from the screen that is not directly in front of it at a distance of 18 or so inches, the screen appears completely black. In other words, if you have one of these do-dads, no one can see what you're looking at on your screen! Basically, I need to get one.

Once again, I had a shadow and was unable to post or go online for hours and hours, but they are gone now. Thank god. At any rate, I have a friend who sells asspads, yes you heard me right, asspads. Check it out.

Also, did I mention that it is now officially "hella busy" around here. Back to back to back to back calls. Bleh. My throat is sore from talking so damn much, fortunately I've got the whole talk down pat, and I can just talk on autopilot. But let's talk more about the people that are annoyed with me because they need something on Monday and they waited until the last minute to do it and now they don't understand why we, I, can't get it done over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Also, there's this compliments of Ariela. Now tell me that that those last five are not photoshopped. They are clearly drawn on the models.

I think that I've permanently lost the ability to become cold. I've had my sleeves rolled up all day and haven't been cold once. I must have gotten used to the cold. Maybe my blood get thicker or something. Also I think that my hands will feel perpetually cold to the touch. That's going to be pleasant for my next lover. Sarcasm sarcasm...


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