Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Top Three Warmest Parts of My Day
1. Waking up in my bed
2. Hot shower
3. Driving to work, heat on full blast

Top Three Coldest Parts of My Day
1. Sitting at work.
2. Getting out of the shower
3. Walking to the office from overflow

So, we're getting two more temps in here starting on Monday. And one of our own is moving over to do full-timer work (she just happens to be the least qualified of the four temps). So one of the new temps will round out our numbers, and the other will take on some of the management duties that Beth left behind. What does this mean for us? More oversight maybe, same number of calls, and having to put up with two people's incompetence on the full-timers' side. grr.

Per Alexis' request, the story about vibrators at Target

Since it's my duty to bounce around the internet and find new and interesting sites for all those in cubeland (and those that are just bored) to peruse. Here's a new one. Bag News reports on the politics of visual media. Fascinating.

Instant hot chocolate is very good, and the makers have the process of making good hot chocolate instantly down. Instant apple cider, not good, not even drinkable. Interesting theory about cider. My roommate claims that you can make your own alcoholic cider in your own house. Simply take a gallon of regular old cider from the store and put it in a dark closet for a week . . . she claims that she's going to make some. I am skeptical.

I'd like to go home now. Instead, four hours and 55 minutes remain.

Do you really care how I'm doing today, or are you just asking? Sometimes, I want to scream at callers (usually for bizarre/strange questions) "I have no answers to your questions!!!" But, I don't, and that's probably a good thing. Surprisingly, even though it is 36 degrees outside and feels like 26 degrees, the temperature in the office is fairly pleasant. There is the occasional chill, and my hands are always cold, but at least I'm not wracked by shivers like I have been in the past weeks.

Jamie works for Playboy, she had a very nice voice and I took the liberty of selecting for Industry/Business Type - "Amusement and Recreation Services" I think it's appropriate.

I really hate incompetent people. I just spoke to a frazzled woman 3 times in the past 30 minutes because incompetent people aren't doing their jobs and instead are bouncing her to me.

In response to the argument that "The Theory of Evolution is just that, a theory." "The Theory of Gravity is also just a theory, but I don't see anyone arguing that we are held to the Earth by invisible strips of velcro."


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I couldn't get to your story, but Snopes seems to disagree.

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