Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh god, shoot me in the face. Happy Monday.

"Well your ad is very misleading, maybe you should send a note to someone to tell them that the public doesn't understand." No, maybe you just don't understand.

The only redeeming part of today, so far, is that it is not cold, for once. I am actually a comfortable temperature and my hands have not frozen to my keyboard.

Anyone see last Friday's StudLife? Naked people! Naked people in the paper! StufLife printed full frontal male/female nudity. Go here. Apparently there were about 8 streakers last Thursday in the quad, and of course, StudLife was there to snap some pictures. I find it hilarioius. Go streakers. What is not funny is a freshman's letter to the editor in today's paper that calls for the women pictured (and all WashU women), to use a razor. Really now, the men in the pictures were in much more dire need of a razor. Since when is it ok to call for women to completely shave. Hey, sometimes it's nice, but is by no means required. And the women pictured, seemed to be very well kept. On the other hand, the men pictured, looked like they could have used a razor, or at the least gotten a lesson on the benefits of trimming...

Hmm ... you need something by next Wednesday and now you're discovering that's not really possible...maybe you should have taken care of this earlier instead of starting the process today. And don't yell at me, it's not my fault that you waited. Other notable complaints "the website is telling me that I have invalid information." Ok, well, do you? That could be the problem.

At least today, I brought my umbrella. I asked Lauren if I could borrow an umbrella because I didn't have one, and she said that she had many in her car. So, instead of picking out a darker colored, somber, umbrella, she hands me Purple McPurp, a hugely bright purple umbrella. And it's nice to walk out of my office amongst a sea of black "professional" umbrellas, while I'm carrying the Purp.

Speaking of cold, it's about to get cold in the city this week, overnight low on Wednesday night - 28 degrees. wrap those blankets closer and batten down the hatches. Do as Mom always told you, and put on your jacket

3:16 pm
It has been brought to my attention, that not only has Target (bastion of the middle class), not only have they started selling vibrators (amen.), but they have also embarked on a line of lube. And let me tell you, it is something to write home about. Durex brand lube, available at a Target near you. More specifically, Durex Tingling Sensations: Wintergreen. Now, I haven't tried it as a team sport, but I can assure you that the solo action is good, even great. Furthermore, I have it on good authority that as a couple's activity its good too (on its own or with toys). Which brings me to my next point: the only drawback is that it is silicone based, so no using it with your silicone toys, unless you make like a resourceful person and slap a condom over your favorite toy and then go to town. (The lube is condom safe). So Happy Holidays, and enjoy.

I like pleasant callers. Is it really so hard? I mean I work to be pleasant and helpful and cheerful. Really? Is it really so hard? Administrative assistants and executive assistants are the worst.

Only one hour and fifty minutes left, but it feels like forever. Meanwhile, I failed to mention that I had completed all of my law school applications on Saturday. Go me. It was kind of like withdrawing $500 from the bank and burning it as some sort of offering to the lawyer gods, an incantation to future wealth. At any rate, it is done.

Really people, is the prompt so hard? "Press 1 for existing accounts. Press 2 to set up new accounts." I cannot look at your account, I cannot help you through the ordering process, I set up new accounts and answer general questions. No, I don't want your account number because I literally have no way to look it up, or tell you anything about it. Thank you.

I was only cold every once in a while today, as opposed to shivering through the 8.5 hour day. So, at least that's something.


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