Thursday, November 10, 2005

Karen is out sick today, which means that once again the temps are shorthanded. Oh, and I forgot my lunch. This is shaping up to be a GREAT Thursday. The only foreseeable redeeming qualities include: I parked in overflow, not the pit, I'm having dinner with my parents tonight, blue hill with Ariela, and my speeding ticket was plead down to "littering on public property."

To date, I have fielded in excess of 500 calls on behalf of my company.

I just ran into a coworker who i swear looks like Lucy Diamond from the movie D.E.B.S. Which, by the way is fantastic. It's like a delicious combination of Better than Chocolate, But I'm a Cheerleader and Bring it On -- three of my most favorite movies. Anyway, it's about a secret organization of female spies that run around with heavy weaponry, wearing catholic school girl outfits. Yes, please.

Wow. Make real money in a virtual environment.
Project Entropia

Some dude has been in college for 12 years, accumulated twice as many credits needed to graduate, and yet has failed to complete his senior thesis.

Living the Dream

Please just shoot me in the face now. I can't look at another webpage and I think that the temperature just dropped 10 more degrees, bringing us to right around 30 degrees here in the old office. That trashcan bonfire is looking pretty tempting right now, but I'm fairly certain that it would get me fired. The only thing that is keeping me warm, in addition to the clothing measures outlined yesterday are thoughts of Catherine Zeta-Jones and I sword fighting and making out under the California sky. (fantasy sequence compliments of Aviva.)

Yay! My acting boss handed out candy raided from her boss' candy jar. I am now the proud owner of a cherry jolly rancher sucker, and one very red tongue.

I'm sorry we can not waive the fee for you. I don't care if you have a platinum account with us. Everyone pays the fee. No I can't get that waived. I understand that you're spending $4k, but everyone pays the fee. (Makes jerking off motion).

"Yeah can I track where they are spent?" No sir, that would raise privacy concerns. "Why?" lie: well sir, we can see if they've been used but not where. "Oh ok, that's what I needed to know." Oh really, you wanted to know if we could track them, why sir? Planning on stealing some maybe? Hmmm? Hm?! But I lied, we can track them, we don't, but if they are lost/stolen, we will find them when they are used. Ha ha.

One hour and 54 minutes to go.

Ok Ma'am, I really don't think that you have a corporate account with us, but since you don't believe me, I'll transfer you over to my cubemate, he'll tell you that you don't have an account and he'll transfer you right back to me. So, here's a hint, listen to what I'm telling you.

If you are just ordering 1, you do not need to have an account set-up with us, you can just go to the website. Ok, you want the account, for 1, ok fine. I'll fill out the form, but it's going to be at least Monday until you can order. You could just go on the website and order it today ... ok ok ... whatever you want.


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