Monday, November 07, 2005

Don’t curse or yell at that car in front of you that is traveling at the speed limit. Maybe they’re going the 30 mph because they got a speeding ticket along this stretch of road two weeks ago and they’re still a little gun shy. Maybe you should go 30 mph too.

I paid $2.16/gallon for gas today! Remember when that used to not be a good thing? And you lamented to your friends, “God, I paid $2.16 for gas today.” Yeah.

As Janine likes to say “Shoot me in the face.” It’s Monday!

In order to placate our department in disarray, our acting boss is buying us pizza today! Yay! Because what I needed was pizza and not someone that is with us here in the bullpen to answer my questions when I have someone on the phone yelling at me!

Wow, again we are shorthanded. To begin with, our team leader quit (as I’ve mentioned before), so the full-timers are down one person. Today, one of the other full timers’ flight was cancelled and he’s stranded in Phoenix, which means we are down to two full timers today. Furthermore, next Monday and Tuesday, the only full timer here until 6pm with the temps, has jury duty. Though, we are not terribly busy right now, we will be very much into peak next week, which means me and Greg will prolly get back to back calls right up until 6pm and be unable to answer questions about accounts because we don’t have access. Now that, is going to be fun.

Yay!! They replaced the burned out light bulb on the ceiling over my desk. Now, instead of being cold and in the dark, I’m just cold! No, stripping down today, it is fucking cold and I am keeping all of my clothes on and my coat. I’ll just shiver here, wishing that I had worn my longer socks or my running tights, or a fucking sweater. But I thought, hey, it’s supposed to be upper 70’s today, I’ll be warm enough in this long sleeve shirt. Wrong, very wrong.

You can just tell when someone you’re talking to is a cute girl on the phone.

Aww …some guy wanted to see to it that I got the commission, and he wouldn’t let me call him “sir.”

One hour and 7 minutes remain. Buffalo sauce, beer and bad television beckon to me.


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