Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I had a call late yesterday afternoon from a woman in California. She had a British accent, with a sort of low and husky voice. I really meant it when I said “Thank you for calling, how can I help you today?”

It sounds like there is a marching band somewhere in the building. I think that it must be some sort of employee training thing or possibly a motivational stunt. Just another activity that the temps don’t get to go to….

I’ve just decided to begin photo of the day here at Adventures in Cubeland. I mentioned yesterday that I had just discovered Flickr, and now spend a great deal of time there throughout the day. Ergo, I want to share the best (according to me) of what I find there. Not like I need a reason . . . but really who didn’t love the gummi bears taking over the world from yesterday?

Another sexy British lady! And she referred to the Queen (as in the Queen of England), while describing her product line to me. I think that she was trying to impress me because I have such a sexy phone voice. All my former phonathoners can testify to that.

If we told you that you would receive a call within 24-48 hours, and you call back requesting more information, we are going to tell you that your sales rep will call you back within 24-48 hours. No amount of continued calling at Customer Support is going to get you the answers you want.

I just shamelessly promoted my blog to +50 of my dearest friends. As I wrote in my email to them, I am lower than dirt and should be shunned – but my blog should be read. This is because the only thing better than getting email at work, is checking your stat counter to see that people have read your blog. Now, if they would only leave comments, it would be better than email!

You are a mobster. You are calling from Miami Beach, FL. You’re interested in our product that you can take to an ATM to get out cash. You want them for “uh employee gift.” And your company name is your name. You don’t have a professional email address and in fact you get your email at Yahoo, and yet, AND YET you want to buy $25,000 in cash based product. Mobster.

Ohh, I’m making friends with my cubemate. Like I’ve mentioned he’s ex army and a little scary sometimes but we’re bonding over joking about the early 2000’s show, Temptation Island. Here’s a case of champagne, get into this hot tub that has appeared out of nowhere. My what a selection of mood music and condoms we have. Oh look, massage oil and candlelight. No, no, cheating on your significant other is bad. Wink wink.

I’ve just been informed that my bosses boss is going to sit with us here in our cubespace 2-3 days a week, and apparently she’s not going to let us “get away” with what we have been. I think that means the days of email and surfing the net are going to be severely limited. Great, just great.

One hour and seven minutes remaining.

Once again, my coworkers have mischaracterized me. Girls watch porn too, boys.


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