Friday, October 28, 2005

There is almost nothing worse than not only working a corporate job, but having dreams about your corporate jobs. Not good dreams, or nightmares, just a run of the mill day at work while you’re sleeping. Work during the day, and work during the night. No rest for the weary.

  • Signs You’re Stuck in a Dead End Job

  • 10:39am
    When I ask you if you have a fax number/email address etc. you’re response should not be “yes” followed by silence. I could care less if you have one or not, but if you have one, you should tell me what it is. The second question “and what is it?” is implied in the first.

    Again with the scary laughing.

    Fridays drag and drag because everyone who would call either comes in late for work or cuts out early, or takes a long lunch, or doesn’t feel like making calls to customer support.

    After a particularly strange noise, my coworker commented that there must be little cyborgs in the ventilation system . . . coming to kill us. Tell me that the corporate world doesn’t make you just a little bit crazy.

    Coworker James just suggested deliberately fucking with people’s accounts so that we get more calls today. Six calls so far today.

    Not only did Greg step out for two lunches today, he also takes frequent and lengthy smoke breaks. If I took as many breaks as he did, I could come in 2 hours later than I usually do. Now, I don’t mind if you leave, and I don’t mind if you lie on your timecard – as long as it doesn’t affect my workload. However, he has left early two days this week, when we were the only ones on the phone, making my workload more. Not cool.

    Only one email today. My email buddy is on her way to Bloomington, thus, no emailing back and forth today. This lack of email further contributes to the day dragging by. I currently have logged ten calls.

    It’s so cold in here that I not only wear gloves, but have also resorted to wearing a knit hat. Julia has a similar problem in her cube and has dubbed it Ice-Cube.

    Three calls from the same dude. And I’m not even the person he really should have been talking to. Where do these people get our number?

    Only 34 minutes remain in this week. God help us all.


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