Thursday, October 27, 2005

There’s nothing like learning that your team leader agrees with your fears that one of your co-workers has the capacity to go postal on all of us. Oh wait, there is one thing better, your team leader telling you that you will probably be the first to die because you share a cube with the crazy man and he resents that he’s the only full-timer that shares a cube.

My boss and her deputy are both not in today. This is a little preview of what it will be like when they are both gone for good. The temps are in an extremely good position right now, and may threaten to quit if we don’t get more money.

There is someone with a very strange laugh in some cube near mine. Also, today I discussed an $86k account, and last week I discussed a $500k account. They don’t pay me enough to have this kind of responsibility. The temp revolt remains in the planning stages.

People need to email me more. I get so lonely and bored. Email dammit!

The pace has picked up a little today, I’ve had 15 calls already, but I’m still hopelessly bored. And I was just informed by my fellow temp co-worker that stays until six, that he would be leaving around 3:30 (that’s 1.5 hours early) to go to a job interview – clearly he doesn’t see the potential of our combined strikage at a crucial moment. On the other hand for every temp that quits, it makes my position stronger. Now, given the option to come in at 8 and leave at 6, would I do it? It would mean, an extra $400 a month, but I would probably have to kill myself. I think I’ll stick with my plan of making them pay me more money for the same amount of time OR vastly more money for more time.

Heads up seven up! Law school is expensive!

Have I mentioned that my office is inside of a warehouse? There are no windows or any indication of what is going on in the outside world. You cannot catch a glimpse of the sky; you cannot even enjoy natural light. Furthermore, it is unnaturally cold and somewhat dim. Certainly not ideal working conditions.

I don’t care if Visa can do it and we can’t! I’m not paid enough to care!

Busy day today, 35+ calls; maybe things are starting to speed up here. Or maybe there are just fewer people on the phones; and maybe there will be fewer still. My coworker left earlier in order to go to a job interview. However, he was not exactly dressed in professional attire, I think he barely made it to business casual. I mean really boys, how hard is it? Slacks without holes or ragged edges, no cargo pockets, and a button down shirt. Hell, that's what I wear, except I wear a sweater over my button down or a jacket because it's fucking cold. C'mon boys, it's not rocket science. And then to step up to business attire, all you have to do is strap on a tie, but I'm still quasi requiered to wear a skirt or dress? Bitch, please.


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