Monday, October 17, 2005

Well they must have fixed the phones because I've taken five calls so far - and I think that I only answered one of them incorrectly. Seven hours and forty minutes to go. It's not terrible, the people have been nice so far, and I talked to a lovely British woman. However, the boredom is starting to set in, and there's not even a boring lecture to look forward to.

Two and a half hours - eight calls - and another handwritten letter! I know you all hope that you get one!

Two hours and 55 minutes -- grr, grr. I want to go to lunch and bossman made personal pizzas!

It's soo cold in my office that my fingers are blue and I'm shivering.

I have only a short 15 minute break to look forward to in the next four hours.

I've been here five hours and fielded 15 calls. 15. That's 3 an hour. Three, one-minute conversations an hour. 15 minutes of talking in five hours. Sometimes I think a monkey could do my job.

Minute by minute countdown. To clarify, thats when I write down the time in five minute incriments and x them off as we reach that time. I have three different ways to diagram this process.

I'd like to announce that three of the 1010 ceiling tiles have been named:
Ethan, Luke, Maria Belen - compliments of Jessica
If you would like to name a ceiling tile, you can email me at

I have four paper plates, three napkins, a plastic bottle, a can, various office supplies and a pair of silverware sitting here at my desk. I was contemplating constructing some sort of robot and setting it loose to wreak havoc in cubical land.

Robot project is bust - instead of wreaking havoc, it is now occupied with the numerous food tables that are interspersed throughout cubical land... Three hours remain.

We have plenty of highlighters and sharpie pens - I think we should paint ourselves in tribal colors and storm the office next door. Hoo-rah!

One hour and forty-eight minutes.
calls fielded = 18
breakdown - 2 calls/hour

I am now up to date on all the latest news and headlines, thats CNN, FARK, GOOGLE NEWS, and REALCLEARPOLITICS - is this day over yet?


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