Friday, October 07, 2005

My trainer isn't here today, not sure how I'm going to train without a trainer. I think it will be another long day staring at my cube wall.

With my boss gone, everyone is a little more laid back and there was free breakfast to go along with free potluck lunch . . . which looks soo good. No word on our bonuses yet, now totaling $100.

I think I've mastered the fine art of "studying" my materials while I sleep at my desk.

It's Friday. I should be happy. But the thought of listening to calls all day - the next 6 hours, kind of makes me want to die. Alot.

Did I mention that I have a nameplate. With my name on it. It hangs on my cube wall.

Three more hours until I get off and no scheduled activities. Three more hours of sitting and staring. Shoot me now. I wrote that 50 times on a piece of paper. I can almost guarantee at least two more trips to the restroom, one short nap, a daydream, and a minute by minute countdown until I get off work.

I have now read every piece of corporate literature that exists on the company website. I just took a bathroom break, and now I'm staring at the wall, again. It would be ok if there were four walls . . . but no. I share a cube in a team of eight. And it's open for all to see what I'm doing. So much for staring at the internet, and checking out the latest T.A.T.U. song lyrics. Did I mention that I had read the rules and regulations surrounding the viewing and use of the company website . . . oh and the employee handbook and benefits package . . . for which I am not eligible.


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