Monday, October 10, 2005

Oh god Monday! Oh god Monday! I've been here 30 minutes and done nothing but update my to do lists and note the important details of a particularly vivid dream that I had last night. Oh, and I drank a red bull and ate my Luna bar. What a good start to another week of torment and boredom.

Ooooh - parking permit. Now I am part of Corporate America.

I love being read to as a form of training, because I didn't learn to read in first grade, or any of the 15 years of schooling after that.

Wow! An hour and a half later they read us the exact same thing that they read to us earlier.

Staring at the wall again. Emailing my coworker who is across the cube common space and contemplating the weave of the cloth on my cube wall, and the color of blue on my nameplate.

I could make paper airplanes and fly them over my cube wall.

Now, I'm contemplating killing my male coworker.

My boss just referenced the Magic Bullet, the product she meant was the the Thunder Stick. The Thunder Stick is a handheld blender. The Magic Bullet is a vibrator.

"Girls with toys don't need boys."


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