Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ok, let’s recap the whole office situation. My boss (hereafter, boss) resigned, effective two weeks from this past Monday. The only person (hereafter, deputy boss) who is qualified to replace her also resigned, effective Monday. Now, deputy boss is in negotiations for boss’s job and is playing hardball with management because we are in the middle of peak season, the phones are going to ring off the hook and we have no leadership and a poverty of knowledge on a variety of subjects. There are three other full-timers in the office that could potentially take boss’s place. However, two have not met the time with the company requirements and the other has been here long enough, but is in outer space most of the time. Back to deputy boss; if she were to get the job, she told me that she would see to it that the temps (re: me) would have a job for a long time to come. If that happens, maybe I could negotiate with her, cut my temp agency out and start making what they actually pay here – I think around $20/hour, at least $18. Another 7 months and $18/hour = almost $10,000 banked for me. Even if I couldn’t cut out the temp agency, that’s still $7000 in the bank. Yes, please. But for now, I have to sit back and wait.

Budweiser select is not that much better than Bud Light. But I would take either one right now.

1. I know I was bitching about Greg the other day – he was the one I was contemplating killing – but today he was a lifesaver, brought me McDonald’s and everything when all I had to eat was Easy Mac. Fantastic
2. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but my wardrobe has gone all corporate. Well, sort of. For instance, today I’m wearing a nice pair of slacks (pants become slacks in the corporate world), a white button down and a sweater over it. Nice. Corporate. I think that I need this sweater in every color because it is one of my warmest outfits, and as you have gathered it is very cold in my office. Running tights under my slacks cold.

Lets talk about the fucked up phone system here. If there is not a person available to speak with a caller immediately, the caller gets put in the queue. When there are calls in queue, a light on our phone labeled “Q-calls” starts flashing. This is to let us know that we cannot take a break, and we should speed up our calls. However, when we (the temps) have calls in queue, our light does not start to flash. This leads to some problems. We don’t know when we can take a break because when we are done with one call, our phone just starts ringing again. Also, like yesterday when I was merrily talking away on an outside line to one of my friends, calls were in queue and I had no idea. So I get off the phone and for the next 30 minutes have to speak with 6 or so irate callers who have been in queue for god knows how long. Yeah. Management should look into fixing that.

Everyone in my 8-cube team space is wearing their winter coats. Let’s compare, my apartment no heat and it was 38 degrees last night. Was I warm enough, yes. My cube, in a heated building, 58 degrees outside. Am I warm enough, no. What’s wrong with this picture?
Oh, and today, I’ve had 8 calls in 5 hours.

I’ve taken to drawing large smiley faces in my notepad to describe, visually, my various moods. I have a frowny face, a smiley face, a face with a tongue sticking out and a drunk/knocked out face. I use that one most often.

14 calls today. 14.

I read an entire book today.


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