Friday, October 21, 2005

I hate parking in the second overflow parking lot, only to discover while walking to the office that there was a spot open in the lot closest to the office.

I love receiving incentives from my employer - $25 claimed, $75 to go. New shoes!

As per Ariela’s request, three ceiling tiles have been named:

1. Penelope -- in honor of our own Penelope. It was her birthday last week, and she DEFINITELY deserves a tile. Plus, it's a cool name.
2. Kah El -- Superman's krypton name? Hells yeah.
3. Fanny -- after a woman's ample butt, or the pack.

There’s something about this office that makes me have to pee.

I have to wear gloves at my desk. Gloves.

You would think that my office would pick up on the fact that I’m gayer than a rainbow flag on a float at a pride parade. But no, yesterday I was asked if I would ever marry a man if he only made $30k/year, (this from the woman who I discussed my recent letter to the Chancellor in response to the Katz controversy) and later that day, I was told by a different coworker, that another male coworker would be good for me. This conclusion drawn from the data that he is a chivalrous guy and I am a woman. Now, honestly, the last thing that would make me date a guy would be the fact that he was chivalrous. I mean Dan the IT guy is nice and all, but I suspect that he lacks certain qualities that I enjoy.

For better or worse, I’m busting out my book to read. It’s not like they can really fire us, not when all of their temps quit last year at peak, and they were left in a spot of bother (“spot of bother” is for Jessica, she loves when I use archaic phrases.) So, all their temps quit last year, and from what I hear they were worthless anyway. Are they really going to fire/discipline the girl that’s got the highest scores on their little exams, even against full-timers? No. I didn’t think so.

I just took a call from a guy from Harrah’s Casinos that wanted to purchase half a million dollar of our product – I quickly forwarded him on to one of our Account Execs – if she lands the deal, and the company collects that much in business plus fees, everyone that works here shares in that new wealth through the company’s generous bonus plan. Unfortunately, that plan does not apply to temps.

Even with the book, I’m still bored. However the temperature today is at least bearable, even though it’s the coolest it’s been this month.

I now know how to do, and have done every thing that will ever be required of me in my job.

Still shamelessly reading the book. Total calls today: 28, so we are slowly but surely getting busier. Adventures in Cubeland will resume Monday.


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