Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day started off going well, got up to run, had real breakfast, it's a denim day, and then it was all down hill - had to take a detour because there was a fire on the access road to the highway, spilled my briefcase everywhere, left my water bottle in my car and forgot my Red Thunder. rough day.

Another day, another dollar. And by "dollar", I mean $120 less taxes. And by "taxes," I mean 23%. And by "less," I mean ouch ouch ouch

Current Shit List:
1. lights that are yellow just long enough that you could make it, maybe, but you stop because you think that it will probably turn red and that you are unlucky enough that there would be cops around to see you do it.
2. cyclists that do not obey traffic laws. yes, you need to stop at stop signs, if you pull out in front of me, because i had the right of way and you had a stop sign, I will hit you, and I won't feel bad.

I've been here less than an hour and I've had four phone calls already, maybe today = less boring?

10 calls. Catching up on political commentary. Still haven't finished my personal statement . . . I do have 4 really excellent starts though . . .

5 hours and 55 minutes - I want lunch!

4 hours and 46 minutes remain
calls fielded: 14
breakdown = ~3 calls/hour

Sometimes my coworker and cubical mate laughs maniacly for no apparent reason. I think one day he might kill us all.

Laughing again . . . scary . . .

again with the laughing . . .

Someone in the cubical near me keeps playing the same Celine Dion cd . . . day after day after day - just loud enough that I can make out the words if I listen very closely, just loud enough to grate at the fringes of my consiousness.

My employers still owe me $100+ in incentives and rewards, for being an incentives company, they're pretty bad about getting rewards to me. I need that money to buy some tennis shoes, the last time I bought tennis shoes was in high school. Mine are currently duct taped. Yes, I go running with duct taped shoes. Laugh, just laugh.
5 hours and 36 minutes
calls fielded = 19
breakdown = ~4 calls/hour

I've secured a Red Thunder! And, I apparently scored higher than anyone else in my department on a products/policies/procedures quiz we took last week. Go me.


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