Monday, October 24, 2005

I’ve been here 34 minutes, and taken 12 calls – I couldn’t help any of them, they all had a weird code attached to them and the people wanted things that I had no idea how to help. My boss has the techies on it now, and they think that the phone lines are crossed or something. Meanwhile, I’m off the phones for now.

Let’s talk about dogs with clothes. I don’t know who came up with this idea. I was driving to work this morning and passed a woman walking her dog in the park. The dog was wearing a poncho-like blanket … now, is it just me, or do dogs already have protection from the cold. I mean, they have fur, right?

The memory that is going to get me through this day is that of five girls, naked as the day they were born, sitting in a cabin in the middle of nowhere Illinois, drinking beer and playing cards. Camping with Katie? I most heartily approve.

After the whole switched phone line debacle, I’ve had one call in the last 1 hour and 21 minutes. Slow day much? I need my lunch!

“Thanks for your help, you’ve been a doll” (?!)

Here’s another recipe for Rachel Ray, I call it:

Chick ‘n Squares

Defrost chicken
Cut into bits
Simmer in buffalo sauce
Put Triscuits on a plate
Cover with shredded cheese
Top with chicken
Serve with plenty of sour cream, ranch dressing, and buffalo sauce

Ok, so, our team leader and department head just quit, effective Monday and in two weeks, respectively. What the hell happens to us?

Fucking cold. Maybe with two people newly gone, I can have their space heaters?

Mondays suck.

Eleven calls (barring those screwed up 12) in almost 7 hours, slow, slow day. I haven’t seen my boss all day, I’m sure she’s having to explain why she’s leaving the company she’s been at for 7 years, the department she created and ran, and why, she’s doing it in the middle of peak- leaving us running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The remaining senior people in the department have 6 months experience and less. Fantastic.

I check my email so often during the day, I can almost have AIM-like conversations with my brethren that also check their email constantly.

Only 20 calls in around 8 hours. Bleh. At least Monday is almost over.


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