Friday, November 04, 2005

Someone once told me that “Opportunity is everywhere,” and I didn’t really get what she meant (because I was stupid.) That has all changed with the recent shake up at the office; the chance of getting my assignment extended beyond January is good.

In other news, the only thing worse than not being able to get to sleep at night, is waking up at 3am feeling fully rested and having to go back to sleep, only to feel like shit in the morning. Oh wait there are worse things. One of them is having your alarm going off just as you were in the middle of a very pleasant dream about a certain AE (that’s field rep, in company lingo.)

Just because you have a platinum account, you are not entitled to be bitchy.

To go to Vegas or to not got to Vegas?

I go to the restroom frequently so I can run my hands under hot water and de-ice them. I am not looking forward to my philly cheese steak hot pocket today.

If I were a popsicle, would you lick me? What if I wasn’t a popsicle, would you still lick me?

Kristen sent me an email earlier where she had photoshopped me into a lifeboat (wearing my sailor suit) fleeing from a sinking boat. She must be more bored than I am. However, she has an office (it probably has windows) and I share a cube in a windowless warehouse, so really, I have no sympathy.

When did “comfy” become an acceptable word to use in a news article. Is it really so hard to write out “comfortable.” Now, I know I’ve prolly used the word “comfy,” in fact I just used another slang term “prolly.” It’s ok though, because this is my blog and I’ll say what I want, how I want, but shouldn’t their still be some standards for “real” people?

Will this day never end? Janine is not in her office and has not emailed me all day. She’s a ho. Three hours and 20 minutes remain.

One of my co-workers just had what we all thought was a bogus call, some dude wanted to order $1 million worth of product and was demanding to speak to the General Manager of the company. La la la. Turns out Mr. Funny-Name-That-Couldn’t-Be-A-Real-Person, was a real person. I found this information out compliments of Google. I love you Google.

And now the Account Exec who has the account previously mentioned, he’s on the ball, he’s done the intel. What does this mean? He googled the dude just like I did. Which isn’t to say I don’t like the exec, he’s a nice guy; very what you would imagine a sales rep to be, very slick. But not slimely…I genuinely think that he’s a nice guy.

You say you are the CEO of a company and want to spend over $50k but less than $100k on our products, but you still have an email address at Yahoo. Um, right.

Wow, that was by far the bitchiest woman ever. She threatened to keep us (don’t ask why there were two of us on the line) on the line until she had spoken with a supervisor, team leader, vice president, president etc. She informed us that the call was being taped and when dear old Chad tried to pass her off to me, she insisted on letting me go, because she was his problem. Good Lord woman, it’s 5pm on a Friday, everyone has gone home, you couldn’t take care of this days ago?

Forty-two minutes remain. Janine was MIA all day and she’s in trouble.


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