Tuesday, November 08, 2005

So, who heard about the Carolina Panther cheerleaders that were arrested for having sex in the bathroom of a club? Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, right? Cheerleaders having sex with football players – age old story. But here's where it gets interesting: the cheerleaders were having sex with each other. Here's the link:

  • Panther Cheerleaders

  • 10:20am
    If you need x amount (fill in "x" with your choice of a large number) of our product and you're stressed because you need it by Friday and you're yelling at me because you're stressed, you should take a moment to reflect on why you didn't take care of your order a week ago. Because you waited until the last minute, I'm getting yelled at.

    Don't put me on hold, just don't put me on hold. And really don't put me on hold if you have shitty hold music.

    Read this:

  • Major Paul Hackett

  • Paul Hackett for Congress '06

    Pro-gun (pro enforcing existing gun laws)
    Pro-gay unions
    Check him out.

    Ok, I think that James and I (my cubemate) are friends now. He just offered me gum and I accepted. Hopefully it's not laced with anything that will kill me.

    Ok, it's like 82 degrees today. I was sweating in my apartment this morning. I drove to work with the windows down and the wind whipping in my hair. If this were a summer day, I would be laying by the pool. Instead, clad in running tights, two pairs of socks, a button down and a sweater, I shiver at my office.

    Another lovely British woman.

    I've just been informed that my coworker that leaves early frequently, will be leaving early again today. Fantastic. <-- sarcasm.

    "You're perfect!" I know. smirk.

    Is it better to be forced to share a cubical with someone but get to interact with people all day, or have your own cubical with no human interaction and nothing but the joy of staring at your screen all day?


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