Saturday, November 19, 2005

Waking up in a bad mood is the worst. Going to bed in a bad mood can be ok, because you sleep it off, but just waking up angry, irrated and frustrated is just the worst.

There's nothing like a few dumb callers, an email from a friend, and a cup of hot chocolate to make you feel better. Really dumb callers.

No Ma'am, I don't think that you have an account set up with us, you may have an account set up with our parent company, are you absolutely certain that you have an account set up with our company? Yes? Ok, well I'll transfer you over to my collegue and he can look you up. (Turn to Carl) You're going to get a woman, who insists that she has an account set up with us, I'm almost certain that she doesn't. So just look up her info, tell her she doesn't have an account and bounce her back to me so I can set her up with one.

For all you bargin hunters out there:

Not withstanding the irony, my boss just emailed us to tell us to limit our internet activity to breaks/lunch. In the meantime, we are suppose to "review our materials." Oh, do you mean the materials that I reviewed for two weeks during training? Those materials? You mean the materials that I studied only to get a near perfect score on the comprehensive test that we took. Those materials? If you don't want me to use the internet, then train me to do something else. I am not going to sit completely idle and stare at my cube wall. Here's a short demonstration, at most, I get 40 calls a day, that's 5/hour. Each call can be wrapped up in at most 4 minutes, mulitiply by 8 hours a day, that gives 160 minutes of the day that I'm on the phone. Here's the kicker, the rest of the time 320 minutes, compromises 66% of my day. And you want me to sit idle for almost 5.5 hours. Or rather, study my materials for 5.5 hours per day. Keep dreaming. Or don't even dream, how is that a valid use for my time, my time that you are paying for. Wouldn't it make more sense for you to find a way for me to productively add to the company? No? Well then I may as well just surf the net.

Futhermore, if other callers are allowed to read, or write papers, what's so different about the internet? You can't police what I'm thinking or really, what I'm doing, I mean I could be sitting here writing porn. Would you rather I was surfing the internet and educating myself with politics or handwriting porn? Your choice.

I honestly couldn't say what I've been doing for the past four hours. But now I'm playing soft squishy basketball with Greg across our team space. One hour and 37 minutes remain until the weekend!!! Oh and we hit 1,000 unique hits today. Go me.


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