Monday, November 21, 2005

We have light in the apartment! The super finally came and fixed the light fixture that has been broken for going on three years. It turns out that we were just missing the pull cord, which means that the damn thing was entirely functional, we just had no way of moving it from the off position. But, finally we have light, and he even fixed the fixture in my room, almost all the way. And, we insulated the windows to cut down on the heating bill, because I sure as hell don't want to be slapped with a $300+ heating bill this year.

So we have two new people in our teamspace, and yet no one has bothered to introduce us to them, or them to us. They look friendly though. However, I do have to share my cube again, but this time instead of invading someone else's cube, my cube has been invaded, so it's a different attitude.

Ok, everyone has been introduced and it's all good. I'm still a little unclear as to how they are going to train these new people up to speed during peak, when it took them 2 weeks to train us before they let us on the phones. In addition to having several weeks of "trial runs" before peak. Whatever, it's not really my problem.

I'm going to have to leave everyone for a couple of hours today because one of the new people is going to be sitting in with me, which means, among other things, no internet. Blarg. Hopefully, she'll only sit with me for a little while.

Good lord, I hope that she's not going to listen to me all week because I'm getting hoarse talking on the phone and then explaining to her things too. When she goes home for the day, I'll relate the story of the crazy lady and the irate man. At any rate, my shadow is coming back from her break in a minute, so more later!

She's gone! So sorry everyone, for being MIA like that all day. Here's your update. It was back to the old pen and paper there for awhile, didn't want to set a bad example for my shadow. Though, I did find out that my big boss asked our acting team leader would be good for her to listen to, and she said me. That's good because it means that she has a high opinion of me and elevated me (in the eyes of my boss) above all of the other temps. Good good good. Meanwhile, Greg has been on the phone sorting out some issue about something that we don't even deal with for over 35 minutes, leaving me to field all the "real" calls. Thanks Greg. On to the crazies!

Ok, so I really only remember the one crazy, all the others have disappeared from my head, but there was this one guy who called and told me that he had taken a day off work in order to recieve his shipment of the item that he had ordered and why hadn't they arrived yet and where were they. I informed him that our department does not handle the product that he was referring to and I had no way of looking that information up for him. I then offered to put him through to the customer support team that handles that particular product. It was at this point that he told me that the company that shares part of our name has the worst customer service and that I should be ashamed. I said that I was very sorry to hear that that's what he thought (even though I could care less), and again offered to transfer him to the correct support group. He again questioned me as to why I couldn't help him when it was our number that was on the website. I calmly informed him that we did do orders over a certain number and that's why our number was listed, but for his order, I would need to transfer him. He then once again insisted that he did not understand why I could not help him. I informed him that I had no access to the system that his order was listed in. He asked why we didn't have an integrated system. I then informed him that though we share part of our name with our parent company, we are not associated with our parent company and thus had no access to the system he was referring to. Finally, finally I was able to get him out the door and transferred. It was only later, when I was listening to Greg during his 35 minute saga, that I realized that he had the same guy, except he was trying to go the extra mile and find out more information for this guy. Now, more power to Greg for going the extra mile, but while he was handling a caller that wasn't even our customer, we had calls in queue, because I was the only one on the phones. Acting team leader Rhonda pretty much read him the riot act. Which is funny, because the things she was saying I was thinking in my head.

Ok, and I totally remembered the crazy lady who called. We went through the whole process, I gave her the whole rundown, filled out her information, and was telling her that someone would get back to her within 24-48 hours, standard time frame, and she became all flustered about how she had been told earlier today that if she did this she could have them tomorrow morning, and that she needed them tomorrow morning. And I'm thinking woman, why did you wait until the day before you needed them to start making inqueries about getting them? You waited until the last minute, so don't get irritated with me.

How insane will people get? Parents sue video game company because wayward son attempts a move he saw in the game, and died. Anyone reminded of Bill Hicks' commentary about the effects of being on acid? "A tragic story, boy tripping on acid, thinks he can fly jumps out of window and dies-- why didn't he make luck a duck and take off from the ground. you don't see ducks lining up for the escalator to fly south." Anyway, the story is here.
also, people playing a video game so long they die? What the FUCK!?


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