Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Listen woman, of course there is a service charge, if you go to exchange money, into another form of money there is a service charge. SO, if you want to change your money into one of our products, you can't do it for free. "I just can't believe that I want to spend $2500 with your company and you're going to charge me $20 in service fees." Oh really, you can't believe that? Here's whats what, a) you are not really buying anything, you are converting your money into a different form, so you're not really spending that money b) the only money that you spend is the fees c) don't talk about your $2500 like you're all big, we have an entire department that solely handles orders over $200k, so step off.

There's nothing like misassigning sales people because the list that you're working off of is outdated by almost 2 months. So yeah, sending off an email because you got a call from a customer because they hadn't receieved a call back; then having that sales rep email you back to tell you that they are not the right person and basically, you suck.

It's sad when the warmest place in the office is in the restroom, and I go there to get warm and run my hands under hot water. It's sad when a coworker notices that you are making hot chocolate and says "huh, it is cold over there in customer support." chuckle chuckle. the temperature of customer support is a running joke in the company. ha fucking ha.

Bossman's been lurking all day, in addition to being busy, I'll report back later.

Lord it's been busy. I'll honestly have to recount this miserable the day from the comfort of my house.

So, my day started out ok, took some calls, dealt with some people, it was all good. Then, shortly after lunch I talked to a very pleasant elderly woman who said that I had been very helpful and that she wished "all the blessings of god upon me and my own." I enjoyed her. So I was pretty upbeat, bouncing around singing ding dong merrily on high,and minding my own business, when our bossman forwards us an email from a damned dirty sales rep chewing us out for supposed screwups. Now, first of all, it was completely unprofessional for bossman to forward the email on to us. Barring that, it was completely unprofessional to that fucking sales rep to bitch about us. She basically said, can't you tell whoever is in charge in that department to do something about their people? Bitch please. She had a whole list of complaints that she had "heard from her customers." Whatever, half that shit is a problem before it even gets to us, and the other half is a flat out lie. So fuck her, and fuck our bossman who did nothing to back us up. Our old boss used to be there for us, run interference when a fuckign sales rep was way out of line. We wouldn't have to deal with all of this shit if they put someone in a leadership position in our department, instead of just yelling at us. Fuckers. We're apparently having some sort of formal meeting to discuss the shit hitting the fan. Fun. Maybe we can talk about how sales are down and how we laugh about the suck so bad. How we get calls all day about how they were set up with the wrong account because their sales rep didn't explain to them or talk to them or ever fucking call them back. So yeah.

And then there's this.


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