Thursday, December 01, 2005

And then we were five - one of our temps went home sick just now, I hope to God I can manage to avoid getting sick. Especially since I will have no health insurance as of Jan 1st.

I failed to mention that I again spotted the hottie over in marcom as I walked in, I smiled at her, she said hi -- sometimes I feel like I'm in middle school again, oh so many years ago.

Border books was added to the establishments that accept my rewards card list -- excellent, I've already spent in my head $250 of the $500 -- combat boots are delicious.
along with other useful (?) stuff that I don't really need.

But can't I ... I mean last year I ... You can't take an order... nope I sure can't, here are your options, pick one and stop bothering me.

Senator Landrieu from Louisiana is threatening to keep Congress from taking winter recess until money has been authorized to repair the levees around New Orleans... this in of itself is interesting. But what is also interesting is that Congress gets a winter break. What are they? In college? I don't get a winter break. I get the friday before christmas and the monday after christmas, that's my winter break.

There is little else better than your corporate friends writing hilarious stories and emailing them to you to read. You read them and laugh out loud, drawing the looks of your fellow coworkers. Meanwhile, the cost to write the stories equals nothing because, as Kristen pointed out you just squint at the screen and type furiously as if you are hard at work. So here's the stories, names withheld, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

Janine's Offering
The atmosphere is excited and carefree in the now warm-with-bodyheat apartment of 1E. Drinks are flowing and folks are laughing. JS, taken to her usual confident and seductive ways, is currently chatting up a pretty young newcomer in her low sultry "caller" voice.
JB is of course drooling and fawning over a certain LOand sighing "gosh, she's so cute" or "wow, ain't she somethin" over everything her significant other may do, even the most menial tasks such as walking, breathing, blinking etcetera. And JV arms flail about as she recants yet another story from her past that involves some silly individual that she must hilariously impersonate.
Suddenly ...
wow. how desperate/in middle school am I that i'm starting one of those finish the story/choose your own adventure stories.
Personally, I like the idea of the Trading Spouses lady suddenly storming in and exclaiming "THIS IS A DARK GATHERING! YOU ARE NOT CHRISTIANS!" before sitting on every individual in attendance and suffocating them unless they follow her whispered demands to ".... please accept jesus into your life."

Kristen's Offering

It's 11:47 and after a game of circle of death set in play by your truely, several "social" smokers have gone outside to have a smoke. JS, leading the pack. A cold newcomer shivers as she takes a puff of her newly lit cig. JS, being the caring lady that she is, offers to warm her up, she agrees.
Back indoors, JV is freaking to lady lumps while I continue to deal out the cards. JS returns with motor and all of the ladies flock to pet her pussy. JB, seeing JV freaking decides to bust a move, cuban style, LO likes, and they disappear for 20 mins, eh, make it 35. It is now 12:16 and someone yells "SHOT!" The social smoker newcomer wants another cig. and JS offers to let her smoke in her room but only this one time (and only her because it's a secret, she really shouldn't be smoking in her apartment) the newcomer, feels special and intrigued, follows, door closes.
12:51, door opens, JS smiling. JV and myself, now making out in a corner, with some heavy petting, says goodbye, time for the sexin'.

Some news for all yas:

South Africa becomes the fifth nation in the world to legalize same sex marriage, go South Africa! story here.

Web addiction is beginning to be recognized as a real ailment.

And this is just flat out cool.

Oh lord, I'm bored.

Now tell me this isn't sketchy: woman calls and wants to order $10,000 or our product that you can easily turn into cash, and she wants to pay with her credit card. She wanted to be sure that she could immediately turn it into cash, turn around and buy a money order. Um yeah, someone stole a credit card and is trying to turn it into cash. There's a reason you can't order more than $5000 worth at a time and the billing address has to match the shipping address. She also wanted to know if there was a location that would have the amount on hand and could she use her credit card to pay for them at that point. (Presumably to get around that whole, shipping address must match billing address issue.) Sketchy as hell.

Even the card game hearts can't hold my attention.


Anonymous Roko said...

Nice boots...I'd rather have something like these

I also wouldn't mind one of these to go with...but then, my fashion sense is a little...skewed...anyway, isn't it?

6:40 AM  
Blogger Ariela said...

dude, my friend got one of those kilts. he wears it ALL the time.

8:38 AM  

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