Monday, December 19, 2005

From Bushies speech on Sunday night: "We would abandon our Iraqi friends -- and signal to the world that America cannot be trusted to keep its word." Oh right, you mean like kyoto? you mean like the un convention against torture? you mean like Geneva 3? you mean like holding a german citizen without telling his government? you mean like lying to the world about WMD? you mean like that?

I took down the black out sheets that were hanging over my window and replaced them with plastic sheeting. So now, the cold air is blocked out and I get woken up by natural light. Previously, the black out sheets were so good that my room was murky and dim even when it was full daylight out. I honestly think that's why I've been having such a hard time waking up in the morning. My body didn't know that it was time to get up. Hopefully this will help. Also, by duct taping the doorway that leads to the sunroom, I've drastically cut down on the draft (the sun room is about 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment). However, there was still a noticeable draft this morning. Fortunately, my blankets are warm, and cats are cozy... I guess Tasty was feeling lonely this morning because he definitely came into my room, bit my head until i let him crawl under the covers and sleep with me.

Work is slow. Most everyone that wanted gift cards or cheques has realized that it is probably too late to get them and so they've stopped calling. I've had 7 calls in two hours, contrast this with last monday: 18 calls, for a total of 95 calls last monday. I think I'm on track for about a third of that today. A day of boredom and fun. But it is relatively warm in here today, which is good, because I wasn't really paying attention to what I put on this morning and suffice to say, it's not much clothing.

Imo's Pizza. I could eat leftover Imo's for days and days. It's almost better leftover. I just had 4 slices, and I could eat oh so many more. I love the thin crust and the provel cheese .... almost no sauce...pepperonis... delicious.

This is the bane of my existence, and it comes compliments of dan: Sudoku

Let's talk about the president publicly saying today in a news conference that if it became necessary to spy on domestic phone calls, he would authorize the NSA to do so without a warrant. Furthermore, he thinks that the constitution gives him this right..oh and he wants the Patriot Act so that he can have more powers. Why is no one taking him to task for this?! By authorizing wire taps without a warrant, he violates the Constitution! And he's admitted to doing it 30 times. Thirty times. Clinton lied a little about his sexual affairs. This yuppie violates the Constitution at every turn. Impeach the bastard.

She asked for $16k in gift cheques and I actually laughed. I guess she wasn't feeling too good about her prospects of getting that number of cheques after I laughed in her face...

Well, he was irate- I even filled out a complaint form for him. Honestly, with what he's been through, I would be irate also, but I also wouldn't be so dumb. Here's the story:

Guy calls in and just starts to lay into me, he's like here's my story- I called so and so and he told me that gift cheques were fee free online and i was little leery about that so i asked to speak to his supervisor who was manager so and so, however manager man wasn't available. so guy calls the company's corporate office and they confirm that cheques are fee free online and that there is a discount off of the face value. guy gets on the website only to discover that they are not fee free and thus he calls me. and i'm all like sir, i have always been under the impression that there is always a fee ...well then why did so and so say that there isn't. well sir, i don't know who that person is-well isn't he in your office? no sir, the department you talked with isn't even in this country, so no, i don't know so and so. well blah blah blah why would i purchase these if there is a fee? i could just go into xyz bank and purchase them fee free. well yes sir, but you see, there is always a fee and if the bank is offering them to you fee free, that just means that they already paid the fee. you see, when you purchase a product, you have to pay for it. it's called commerce. well well, blah blah blah yes sir, i'm very sorry that you had such difficulty, but there is always going to be a fee, you can purchase them online or over the phone, but there will be a fee- huff huff puff puff (hangs up)

the sub moral of the story everyone, is that there exists large companies, and sometimes they don't train their people, and sometimes they tell different departments different things, and sometimes people are incompetent, and sometimes people get confused, the trick is to get frustrated and then get over it. the big moral is one of my favorites, and i think gordy would agree, nothing is free. i have this product, if you want it, you have to pay me for it. see, simple.

Listen, woman. We do not do gift cards here. SO, if you purchased gift cards and you want a refund, we cannot help you. If you talked to gift card and they gave you our number, they are wrong. WE DO NOT DO GIFT CARD! AHHHHHHH!

Here's a hint: if you are a customer service rep, and you have a client on the line, that should be the first thing that you tell me. In fact you shouldn't do that, you should dial my number, determine whether or not i can help you, and then bring the client over, or not. But if you must be impolite and tell me there is a caller on the line - fucking idiots.

Just checked my stat counter, looks like the IRS checked me out today. I love government surveillance


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