Thursday, December 15, 2005

There is no better way to start your morning.

Unless you get to work and your coworker has brought in the never ending plate of cheese and crackers.

Let's talk about Apparently, they somehow noticed my comments on the small town of, they then proceeded to quote me, on their CORPORATE website and blog. I discovered this when reviewing the websites that had linked to me with my stat counter. Just to recap, a company, cited me, Jalynn, on their website as some sort of authority. Here it is -- Check out Dec 5th

Karen is bitch-slapping gift card customer service, and really, it's about time for someone to. What's so funny is that our bossman thinks that we don't go through this shit, or doesn't believe that this stuff happens. The seriously need to listen in on some of these calls. Whoa, as you may remember, I mentioned Wreck the Nation, a political board game a couple of weeks ago, well looks like they were checking people that cite the game because they have me now under the heading "Blogs that Have Written about Wreck the Nation." Go internet. Also, it is number one on the blog list, that could be due to the fact that they are alphabetized, but I prefer to think that it's because I'm just that cool.

Lets talk about Americablog. This blog almost singlehandedly got Ford to reverse it's earlier diabolical agreement with the AFA (a Christian fundamentalist hate group) to stop targeted advertising in gay publications and to withdraw their support of gay events. It is unconscionable that Ford even met with these people, let alone made a deal with them, but they reversed their position and did the right thing in the end. Point is, Americablog gets shit done. You all should go there and check out his week long campaign that helped get Ford's decision reversed. Also, his commentary on current events/politics and causes is witty and insightful.

I think I need to figure out how to get rid of the massive list of previous posts and just put those in the archives, if anyone knows how to do that, and they could tell me, that would be fantastic. Sage advice from Karen: "Be wary of ordering from an internet site that fails to list a working and easy to use pone number." Speaking of phone numbers, why don't they just list the gift card customer service line on the website order form for the gift cards? Would that be so hard? Also, would it be so hard to include on the list of locations, which you can search for by zip code, the phone number of that location. I can not tell you the number of times that I have read off locations to people and had them ask me for the phone number, to which I have to reply, "I'm sorry sir/ma'am I don't have that information." But, honestly, how hard would it be to have that information along with the address?

Check this out.
Here's the main site:

You'll all recall that I called on the Republican Party to make some changes and restore some honor to the Grand Old Party, well looks like they've taken some advice from lowly old me. They could wise up and do the other things as well, but baby steps right? Here's the original 11 point plan.

To date, the GOP has addressed two:
1) Support the torture ban. No explanation needed. Decent people don't torture.
5) Take responsibility for bad pre-war intelligence. Say we were wrong about going to war, but we have to finish what we started for our troops and the Iraqi people.

so kudos to the GOP, but get on those other 9 before this country is ripped apart.

So, my boss had me do another excel job....really really easy....these people are excel illeterate.


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