Friday, December 16, 2005

"Well, I'm a Centurion Card Member" um... well so what? That doesn't mean you have free license to be a jack ass, sir.

So I just had my meeting with my bossman - basically I ripped on a whole lot of people, and I was like, I don't think that I should be bad mouthing like this, and she was like, I need to hear it. and I was all like, (shrug) ok. And then she mentioned that she would be setting up a new round of meetings with us after the new year... so i mentioned that uh yeah, the temps last day was like dec 28th or something. SHE HAD NO IDEA! so she said that she would talk to big bossman about that.

Tell me, is this question hard: Are you purchasing on behalf of a company, or for personal use? Is it hard? Is it? Really?

Also, this is compliments of Ariela - Cute Overload.

News Round Up:

When Clinton Lied – Nobody Died …

So, it comes out that Congressional Democrats weren't lying when they shouted about not having all of the information that Bushie had before we went to war. Turns out the Prez and company gets more information on how intelligence data is gathered, who gathers it etc. In other words, some pretty important information needed to place in context the information presented. So by withholding information, the prez could skew the perceptions of the Congress … lying! The new revealation lends legitimacy to dems who supported the war but are now saying they wouldn't have if they had all the information. The common criticism of these dems was that they did have all the information. Lies, all LIES! Meanwhile, Bush & Co, must have known that Congress does not get all the same information as the Pres. So when his people said that Congress had all the info, he was lying.

Makes you believe conspiracy theorists…

Some time ago there was a German citizen vacationing in Macedonia…the CIA confusing him for a wanted terrorist, picked him up and shipped him off to Afghanistan where he was held for five months and tortured. When the CIA realized their mistake they dropped the poor guy back off in the countryside with warnings not to talk about his time in US custody. Then the US ambassador asked a German minister to keep it quiet. They didn't and the case has caused an uproar in German politics. Futhermore, the US allegedly paid the abductee to keep quiet. He didn't and now with the help of the ACLU, he is suing the CIA, in the first legal challenge of "extraordinary rendition." Does this bother anyone else? The CIA makes a mistake, you get shipped off to a random country and then tortured. Tell me this doesn't make you believe the conspiracy theories just a little bit?

Impeach NOW!

More on conspiracy theories…for three years the President has authorized the NSA to eavesdrop in US citizens without the benefit of court oversight in violation of US law. Are we living in a police state? This latest news helps me believe it. How is it that Clinton (who did so much for the country) get impeached for some personal matter, that yes, was an abuse of power, but didn't get anyone killed. He didn't withhold national security information from Congress. He did not allow extraordinary rendition. He did not authorize the spying on of American citizens. And yet, he was impeached. How is it that the calls for the impeachment of bush junior are not resounding and widespread. He broke the law. It wasn't an ethics violation, it wasn't perjury in the 8th degree. He authorized the NSA to break US law. He authorized the military and the CIA to break international law. Who does he think he is? Without the law, without due process and oversight, we are no better than the terrorists he tries to thwart. And they wonder why there is such opposition to renewing certain articles of the Patriot Act. It's like this: we don't want to legally give you any more power to run rough-shod over civil liberties because you have demonstrated that you cannot respect the rights of Americans. And btw, just because you happen to be the president (even though you are grossly under qualified and incompetent), you do not get to authorize your cronies to break the law. You can tell them to, but they damn well better not follow your orders. They and everyone else in the government must be loyal to a higher authority and that, is the rule of law.

Speaking of human rights ….

Bushie finally caved (after a long arduous fight) and agreed to support the Torture ban…was this a no brainer or what? Decent people don't support torture. This seems so easy. And the Administration has been playing games with the American people for weeks … "The US does not torture" "The US follows international law" and yet the US definition of torture has been so narrowly construed as to only mean that which would cause death or organ failure, or bring your within 10 seconds of either of those. Cruel and inhumane treatment, in this definition does not constitute torture, though it is banned by the Third Geneva Convention. Funny that. So bushie has finally said ok ok, we'll ban cruel, inhumane and degrading practices too….however Alberto Gonzales dodged the question of whether or not the odious practice termed "waterboarding" would be including. Waterboarding is the process of strapping a detained down and dunking them in water to make them believe that they might be drowned. Article 1 of the UN Convention on Torture defines torture as "any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession." I think that "waterboarding" qualifies as causing severe mental suffering. Correct me if I'm wrong. THIS IS NOT HARD! Let's run a thought experiment, you are the detainee, you may have information, or you might have been mistakenly been picked up, let's go with you were mistakenly picked up – would you prefer that your captors abide by the Geneva III and the UN Convention on Torture, or would you rather that they had the opportunity to cause you pain and suffering as long as it didn't threaten organ failure or death? Hmmm…


Anyone else concerned that Iran has a nuclear program and North Korea has nuclear weapons and both are led by leaders that are just a little bit crazy? I mean, it's not really different from our own country, I mean, having nuclear weapons and being a little looney. But, I rarely hear anyone say anything about invading either of these countries or working for regime change or spreading democracy, when arguably, they are a much bigger threat than Iraq ever was. Could it be, that these countries would actually put up a fight? We're like the bully on the playground that beats the shit out of relatively minor players, but leaves the real dangers to run amok, because we don't want to take a beat down of our own…

Meanwhile, I did those projects for my boss and never heard a word of thanks... she is not a good manager.

James just implied that he would be taking over what used to be Beth's job -- apparently they're going to make some sort of announcement soon about that. Hopefully, I'll be around to see the day.


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