Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well, we're back from the holidays (holidays, Ariela!). I hope that everyone got everything that they wanted. I got almost everything I wanted .... some wishes, however just can't be granted...but those that were, were great. I am now the proud owner of a game from my childhood. I hated this game growing up, but my cousins used to force me to play it. Mall Madness! "There is a sale at the fashion boutique." Yes, that wonderful talking game about shopping. I saw that it was re-released, and I knew that I must have it. And have it I do. So anyone that hangs out with me for New Year's is going to be playing some Mall Madness! There is a sale at the fashion boutique -- take two shots!

So, we had lots of leftover food from the potluck that we put in the fridge/freezer here at work so that we could all have lunch today. However, some idiot cleaned out the entire fridge/freezer, leaving us all lunchless. Even my hot pockets were tossed out. Fortunately, bossman has offered to buy us all lunch to make up for our lost food. I can now look forward to a delicious pulled beef and pork sandwich, fries, baked potato and garlic bread.

One month extension! It's true. Human resources just called to confirm that I could stay on until the end of January. Go me.

What the hell is the White House doing getting involved with the Anna Nicole Smith civil lawsuit?

Oh god, four more hours.....

Let's talk about Bush willfully and illegally spying:

Rice authorized the NSA to spy on UN diplomats in the run-up to the Iraq war. (I think this is legal, but the diplomats are going to be none to happy.)

Bush authorized the NSA to conduct illegal wiretaps on international calls/email. (In violation of the fourth amendment)

Bush authorized the illegal gathering of information from domestics telecommunications. (In violation of the fourth amendment)

The FBI spied on and investigated such radical groups as PETA, the ACLU and Greenpeace. (In violation of common sense)

The Pentagon classified several gay law student groups as a credible threat. (In violation of common sense)

NYC cops infiltrated and and spied upon such protesters as a cyclist advocacy group. (In violation of common sense.)

oh yeah, and:
condoned torture
disappeared people
made up new combatant statuses
waged an illegal war
etcetera etcetera etcetera

Someone said (eek, i don't know who), that it was absolutely astounding that peaceful protesters would be infiltrated and spied upon by the cops when violent and hateful protesters are allowed to gather, without supervision in front of abortion clinics.

And then there's this: A machine that sets off the pleasure center.

"You mean the only thing that I can do with my gift card is buy something with it?" Uh, yeah, that's why someone gave it to you, so that you could buy yourself a gift. That's why it's called a gift card.


Blogger Ariela said...

Oh, Ja Lynn, how I will miss you when I'm in Seattle.

I did add you permanently to my blogroll (you're number one!). Gosh, I need to revamp that website.

Love you! Call me New Years Eve! (if i don't call you first).

Oh, and shout out to Roko, whom I still adore.

7:45 AM  

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