Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sometimes working for the corporate world can be ok... today I recieved my $500 bonus, a gift from my boss, a gift from my bossman, and some assorted candies from other people in the office. In addition, we are having a holiday potluck. From my desk, I can see roast beef, ham and turkey sandwiches, some fried chicken, a whole ham, gumbo, hot wings, cheese and cracker platters, salad, mac and cheese, shrimp and then the desserts - banana pudding, chocolate cake, gooey butter cake, chocolate chip cookies, fudge, fudge brownies, carrot and pound cake. This day at the office could not get any better... well, except if all these people would stop calling me on the phone!

Too fat and sassy to blog.

Hey! I posted something before Americablog did! He just got to the 400 lbs of MISSING EXPLOSIVES today. Anyone else concerned yet? He had more details on the story... apparently within that 400 lbs, there was about 100lbs of sheet explosives that can be hidden in books or letters. It was probably the gay groups, or PETA, or greenpeace...

Still bored out of my mind, but you can thank Katie for this website:

Thanks to my generalized nerdiness and the proficiency that I have shown with spreadsheets, it looks like they might keep me around for awhile longer. Bossman said that she would know more next week, but she was "going to talk to my temp agency." !

As of this time, 87,687 people agree that there is plenty of evidence to impeach bushie, that's 85% of the vote. Now, granted it's not a scientific poll, but it's heartening to see that at least 87,687 people are not blind followers of the bush "trust me" plan.

There is literally no one here. It is a ghost town.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Adventures will return Tuesday, December 27th.


Blogger Ariela said...

*clears throat* I believe you mean HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Roko said...

Leave the shiksa allone, Jappy Jap Japowitz, Princess of Jewish America.

10:05 AM  

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