Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Not fair, not fair. My boss told me that she would meet me at my desk at 9:00am. I was here at 8:55am, but apparently I missed her by just a few minutes. I hope that doesn't mean that she thinks I am chronically late, because I am not. I was on time and she was early. At any rate Rhonda said that bossman had said that I was to remain on the phones and she was going to get with deputy boss to figure out what reports she wanted from me. Meanwhile, I'll just sit here taking on average 28 calls a day, or 4 calls an hour.

"I need to speak to someone that speaks spanish" Ooh... currently we have no one like that, but I'll do my best to assist you, and I did!

At least there are lots of people here today. The office is once again full (mostly), and there is a comforting low roar of other people on the phone - as opposed to the deafening silence of last week, when I think only a third of people were here.

Hmm. Air Force airmen...on the ground, because that's what they were trained for.

Oh everything is just peachy in Iraq, the elections went fine, we're using airmen on the ground, we never had enough troops in Iraq, large parts of the country still do not have basic utilities, there are and never were WMD, Bushie is a liar...

Hey! Remember when I said that the Republican Party had taken to heart my 1) point of my 12 point plan to make the GOP a better party -- you know, the one about torture and not doing it. Well it looked like it was a done deal, the US will not engage in torture...except Bushie didn't see it that way. Upon signing the Defense Appropriations Bill he indicated that he was reserving his authority as Commander in Chief to ignore some key provisions relating to the notification of Congress (we already know he doesn't bother notifying Congress anyway, so this is just a formality) and perhaps most chillingly, declaring that the exec branch would comply with the McCain Amendment "in a manner consistant with the Constitutional authority of the President." Which, we already know means absolute authority. Great! We live in a dictatorial theocracy that wants to torture at will! Fantastic. I'm moving to Canada, if only it weren't so damn cold.

Representative John Murtha, a 31 year veteran of the Marines, said today that he would not join the military now. Immediately he is decried as a coward, traitor and as anti-military, because at 74 years of age, he would not join the military. It's not like there's a line of young Republicans just itching to go to war. If there was any conviction behind Republican bravado and bluster, there would be no end of young Republicans ready to serve and die for their country, but there aren't, and there isn't.

:::Disclaimer::: not all Republicans are bad - but this is just funny:
maybe it wasn't so far fetched.

Pistol still in Earth City - 5 hours after arriving there. HELLLLOOOOO - Jalynn wants her airsoft....

OOHHH a gay bomb. If only the gay mafia could get ahold of one of these to further our gay agenda....

So my boss just talked to me about what she wants me to do, and um, I may have gotten myself into more than I can handle ....ergo, I may have to invest in a copy of Excel for Dummies.


Blogger Roko said...

Oh, dear. Airsoft? I'm hurt. I want one of these. Step one will involve transfering my residency to a shall-issue state. Step two involves getting a local CCW permit. Step three involves getting a non-resident, Florida permit, which will allow me to carry in about half of the US, including your home town, iirc. See Packing.org for more info.

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