Friday, December 30, 2005

I got into law school!!!!!

Ok, now that that is out of the way, we can all carry on. I'm not at work today, I have today and monday off....Yay!! I can do things, like lie around in bed, play with the cats and go get a new pair of tennis shoes. Oh, and the news update. Without further ado.

NSA has been sneakily putting cookies on your computer (in violation of the law). Why is this not surprising at all? Apparently you're allowed to put session cookies on computers without the user knowing (much like the cookie that my stat counter puts on your computer and deletes when you leave my page...hehe), but they are supposed to expire when you exit the browser. The NSA cookies would have remained until 2035. Um yeah.Here's the story. Inadvertant, my ass.

Dept of Justice intent on who clued the American people into Bushies illegal spying plan. So, because the Bush administration is so concerned about leaking national security information, cough cough valerie cough plame cough cough hack cough. Right, so as if calling the news room director to the White House and telling them to suppress the story wasn't enough, now they're going to hunt down the whistle blower in Bushie's administration and crucify them...what ever happened to that whole Karl Rove leaking Plame's identity as political revenge... oh go back to bed America. Right, probably no crucifixtion, but surely they could arrest him, declare him an enemy combatant, extraordinarily rendate him/her somewhere, where they will be sufficiently punished (re: tortured), and held indefintely. Because this is the United States of America. Land of the FREE.

Speaking of LIES:

Remember how "the United States does not torture"? Well, it turns out we do. The British ambassador to Uzbekistan who was forced to resign by the Britsh government because of his outspoken and outraged criticism of the human rights situation inUzbekistan (one of the most repressive regimes in the world -- here's a direct quote from Americablog: "the Uzbek government arrested Ruslan for being a human rights advocate, then, after beating him, threatened to rape him with a bottle and inject him with AIDS" - nice people huh? Be sure to check out the pic of Rumsfeld with the Uzbek dictator.) Anyway, he was pissed off and has posted on his website memos detailing how Britain and the US have been the recipients of information from Uzbekistant gained from TORTURE and we knew about it! So the Brit government dismantled the good ambassadors website, but not before the memos were picked up by the greater blogosphere. ha HA. So here's the direct link to AmericaBlog, John has all the juicy details.

Who hates that the NY times went to Times Select, as in you have to pay for the good stuff? I heard some people mention that this was quite possibly the end of the world. See, I would have thought that the end of the world was coming because what used to be a beacon of liberty and freedom, "leader of the free world" was bowing to a theocratic nitwit named King George and his neocon buddies who condoned the use of torture and stripping of civil liberties. But that's just me. Right, the NYT, well fortunately some people have paid for the service and offer us up juicy little tidbits every now and then. Here's a nugget (from Americablog, he always has the best nuggets):

Paul Kruggman's column entitled "Heck of a Job, Bushie" and the final paragraph:

A year ago, we didn't know for sure that almost all the politicians and pundits who thundered, during the Lewinsky affair, that even the president isn't above the law have changed their minds. But now we know when it comes to presidents who break the law, it's O.K. if you're a Republican.

Thank God someone in a newspaper is saying it.

And our final item (for now) Remember how I said that there would be a major war in the mid-east within the next 6 months, well, here's more on that. Actually, two items:

Goss Builds the Case for Turkey-based Attacks

Let's Stop a US/Israeli War on Iran

So, does mention the first two stories, but fails to mention the one about the US condoning the torture of women and children in Uzbekistan anywhere on its site. The headline story as of 12:21pm CST was "Iraq's 'Baby Noor' heads to US on soldiers' mercy mission."

They also fail to give sufficient ink to this story, and by ink, I mean post the pictures. The story is that artists from 25 countries in the EU were supposed to create posters reflecting on the "different social, historical and political developments in Europe." I guess someone had strong opinions about the US, Britain and France being in bed together. You got it, that's Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Chirac engaging in some good old fashioned fornicating. Here's the CNN story. Here's the pictures:

Ah, that a female Bush taking it in the bum bum? One wonders what they're saying across the globe about our "Commander in Chief."


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