Thursday, January 05, 2006

The only thing worse than a warm water turned cool water turned cold water shower, is learning that the plumber told your apartment and another apartment that the building will never have hot water again. Oh, and getting to the office at 8am - that sucks too.

I just volunteered to alphabetize about 500 lead forms because I couldn't stand to stare at numbers any longer. Meanwhile, my boss is in meetings all day. Maybe I should write her a memo and email her?

I don't know how I missed this, but the recently formed ImpeachPAC sponsored a poll run by Zogby that asked if Bushie should be impeached if he lied about the reasons for going to war. 53% of those polled responded in the affirmative. And this was before the wire tapping scandal. Watch for MyDD's request for contributions to get their own poll out there asking all the questions we want to know the answers too, but no one will ask.

From Katie:

So the largest prime number ever was discovered. It is over nine million digits long. One wonders why? Even the guy that was being interviewed could not come up with any practical reason why anyone would care what the next largest prime number is. Now, I know that research that doesn't seem to have a use can become important later...but will we ever have a use for a nine million digit long prime number? I think not.

Once again, I was hard at work today at work. Frequent breaks for news checking, facebook checking, weather checking, but no time to really sit down and get into the news. I'm lame, I know. At any rate, Katie sent me this rather inappropriate link, which I opened while I was at work. Don't open it at work, but do be sure to catch the video in the upper right hand corner. I'm not sure that the damn thing is an entirely bad idea, it seems kind of fun to me. But not $200 of fun.

While you're checking things out, check out Ariela's final project for a class, be sure to turn up the volume - the music is half the fun. Kudos to Ariela for a job well done. Everyone in the apartment likes this.

Let's see, Walmart may have made a comment on race relations by listing several black biographies as related items to Planet of the Apes.

You'll note that I've added Firedoglake to my blog list - definitely like this one, and apparently it is new to the blogosphere, getting some major ups from the likes of atrios and americablog.

Jon Stewart is hosting the oscars -- remember his appearance on Crossfire? priceless.

oh, and then there's this: Mean Jean Schmidt, the representative from Ohio who called Rep. John Murtha a 31-year verteran of the Marines a "coward" said during a townhall type meeting that "we're at war .... suspending the Constitution is sometimes necessary..." great... just great. Should we get ready for the Coronation of king George? I mean, isn't this like congress anointing him?

so that's all for the day, see everyone tomorrow.

oh wait, i've been informed of one more nugget for the day. It seems that our local and lovable gay bar sued a minor that was attempting to enter with a fake ID...the kid had to pay $3500 to the bar and the bar had to close down for three days. So, I guess there's no more going there until your 21st lauren? because really, who wants to pay a $3500 cover charge-i mean, the bar tenders aren't that hot, hot yes. that hot, no.

ok, that is all. go to bed. some of us have to work in the morning.


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awwww! You liked my project! Thanks for the shoutout. : )

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