Friday, January 06, 2006

Well that's the first time that anyone has ever asked for my first and last name. I hope I don't fuck anything up - or that the sales rep fucks anything up. NOt that I really care, I mean what is the company going to do? Fire me? They're planning on getting rid of me after a month anyway...though it would be good if they kept me. Meanwhile, bossman is completely out of the office today, and no response yet to my memo that I sent her yesterday detailing the problem with the Excel workbook that keeps track of all the daily statistics, the length of time it will take me to fix the spreadsheets, and the state of my scorecard project. I started the scorecard project yesterday and I was pleased that it was not nearly so hard as I originaly thought. Looks like I won't have to buy a copy of Excel for Dummies. Turns out the scorecard can just be a Word document with a linked object from Excel that automatically updates everytime Excel is updated. Hah-za!

So, since bossman is out today, and in my memo I said it would take several days to update the incorrect spreadsheets, I can relax, take it easy and look at the news all the live long day. To start off, a story from Katie, who wanted to make sure that I talked about this : The lovable and cuddly Rev. Pat Robertson, of calling for the assasination of President Hugo Chavez, and rebuking the citizens of Dover fame, has made the news again. He suggested, that God had smote Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for dividing the holy land by withdrawing from Gaza. Um, right Patty.

If god was so intent on smiting (?!) people, why not smote this Southern Baptist pastor who had spoke out against homosexuality but invited an undercover male officer to his room for some friendly oral sex. Why not smote the lot of catholic priest molesting alter boys? Why not smote supposed men of God who preach distinctly non-christian things. Why not smote supposed me of God who preach hatred and bigotry in the name of God?

Ouch! So much for free speech: A marquette dental school student was suspended for a year, lost his scholarship and has to recieve couseling for "behavioral problems" after he made some comments about an unnamed professor and unnamed classmates on his personal blog. The sentence was later reduced, but still! Who sits around searching the internet to find student's blogs and then punish them for what the write? Probably the same folks the sift through facebook pictures looking for incriminating evidence against their residents. And speaking of promoting free speech around the world...Microsoft admits to removing the blog of a chinese journalist from its server at the request of the Chinese government. Go United States!

World Tribune is reporting the death of Ariel Sharon
Funny, everyone else seems to think he's fine.

Who wants to live a tagged life? You can now have RFID tags implanted in your body to activate sensors that open the door to your house or automatically enter passwords. Um, ok, seems cool, but the privacy concerns are what really gets me. I mean, what if good old King George decided that he wanted to tag every American and read their tag before allowing you to apply for a job, or benefits, or school, or political office? Hopefully the king won't get wind of this cool technology and assimilate it into his diabolical plan of running the country into the ground.

Yes ma'am, I understand that you are frustrated that you are trying to buy $5000 in our our giftcards and we're going to charge you $400 in fees, but once again, when you buy a product, you have to pay the cost of the product. In reality, you are changing $5000 in to another form, so we are not getting that money. The only money that we get on the exchange is the service fee. Understand?

I've found that it's gotten easier and easier to listen to the caller with a little tiny piece of my brain and continue doing whatever I was doing before they called with the rest of my brain. This task would have been impossible three months ago. Oh, how far I've come.

I just found out that because I have been with my temp agency for three months, I qualified for holiday pay on Monday! So I got to sit around and do nothing and got paid $120 to do it. And we're off for MLK day, that's another $120 in the bank. Woo-hooo! One question...when do I get paid vacation?

Hmm...why does this number look off....oh! because it's wrong by 22 minutes. Huh.

I don't have to share my heater anymore, it is currently at my feet, and warming my bum.

I hope everyone goes to these sites once a day - it costs you nothing and it can mean the world to these people. Also check out world on fire - because who doesn't love Sarah Mclachlan?

AP-Ipsos poll has bad news for bushie and republicans


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