Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No hot water. No hot water. And I was really looking forward to a hot shower because I am sore sore sore today - due to excessive basketballness and boxing yesterday.

For all those keeping track, I'm now 2 for 3 in getting into law schools. To date, I've been accepted at Villanova and Mizzou and rejected from Temple. Stupid Temple, they suck anyway. We're still waiting on George Mason, WashU, Ohio State and SLU.

I love my space heater....the State of the Union is on Tuesday, January 31st. Dan and I will most likely be playing a drinking game because I won't have a job to go to the next day, and he doesn't have class until 1:30pm the next day. If anyone wants to join us, it should be fun. And any suggestions on the drinking game would be welcome. I'm thinking drink one for all instances of Iran, Iraq, the war on Terra, 2 for "axis of evil", chug for Medicaid, torture, and wiretapping.

There's nothing like a rainy, cold, wet day, right after a sunny and warm day to ruin your thoughts and hopes and dreams of an early spring. January is the coldest month here in the lou, and it's all uphill from here, or so weather.com tells me.

Data entry without the alito hearings, how dull.

Press "1" for existing accounts and Press "2" for new accounts. Is this sentence hard for anyone else?

Right to Die
Gore's speech
DOD body armor
Paul Hackett
sex story from katie
-fortunately for me 0 divided 2 is still 0
chance of WMD strike

Mmmm...breathy english women. I love them.

I would like to go home now and crawl into my nice warm bed and stay there until spring.

due to a blogger error, i lost much of this post. so, go check out those stories above on your own, you can find many of them at americablog. and gore's speech is worth a read.


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