Monday, January 23, 2006

Another cold, foggy, damp January day in the big STL - miserable. Oh, and last night, we didn't have hot water, again. But I did get to see my great grandmother who is about 95 and still as fiesty as ever. She was particularly displeased that the Seahawks coach did not get his due gatorade shower when the Seahawks slaughtered Carolina.

Bizarre story about Novak's this past Saturday. Dan, Carissa, Janine and I are sitting/standing in the area directly off of the dance floor - talking, laughing, drinking dancing, minding our own business. Randomly this older woman comes up to our table, picks up Dan's beer and pours, yes, pours it out on his lap. She sets it down, slaps him upside the head, says "sorry" in a mocking way and walks off. We are all stunned into complete silence for about 90 seconds. Then the woman's friend sorta walks up, and we're like "wtf?" and she was like "were you throwing stuff?" and Dan, who was not throwing anything, and was in fact looking fairly close to falling asleep was like "no." Then she was like "well, I didn't know she was going to do that -- see that it doesn't happen again." "And I was like, "you see that it doesn't happen again," and she was like "whatever" and walked off. We ended up speaking to the bouncer, but we couldn't find the woman to have her tossed out. It was the oddest thing. Only later did I have thoughts about what I should have done, most of them ended with me in jail or the hospital. The group of woman she was with was older, more numerous and bigger. But I probably could've taken a couple of them.

People I wish were there: Danielle, Katie, Jessica, Jordan, Ariela. If I had all of those people, that woman would have been on the ground, and all her little friends too.


For some lighter reading and girl on girl action (NotSafeForWork):

Fans of Buffy's Eliza Dushku (Faith): Finding the Light
Fans of Law and Order's Angie Harmon (Carmichael): Day In Day Out
Fans of X-Files (Scully): The Phases of Fire

You don't have to even be fans of the shows, they are some good reading, guaranteed to give you pleasant dreams.

So, filling out the FAFSA is fun. No really, when you are so poor that your expected contribution is less than $1500 a year, that's pretty nifty. Also, I'm getting a tax refund this year. Praise be. I've never received a refund before, and this is why. The federal government gave me some money to go to school, the state government gave me money too, because the system is sometimes very fucked up, the federal gov wanted a piece of the state's money, and the state wanted a piece of the federal money. So i had to pay taxes to the government on money that the had given me. Ergo, when tax season came around, I owed them money. And you have to ask yourself, instead of giving me the money and then asking for some back, why not just give me less? It's sortof as if someone baked and gave me a cake and wanted the icing back, or, better yet, the eggs. But that is not the case this year, and now the fuckers owe me money. Hoorah.

Bush claimes to not know Abramoff, but apparently, there are some very juicy photos of the two together - maybe at the ranch? The photos have not been published yet, but just wait for them to hit the tabloids - and then watch the Bush presidency go up in flames...of course we could have said the same thing when the torture scandal broke, or the lying about going to war, or the wiretapping, etc.

Meanwhile, Iran. Oh yeah, the country who's leader that we toppled, infrastructure we destroyed and citizens we abused? Yeah, Iraq. They are teaming up with Iran. Kos has it

due to blogger fuck up, i lost the last half of this entry. and today i failed to back it up like i usually do. fuck.


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