Thursday, February 02, 2006

My second day of Unemployment....
I woke up reasonably early, did my laundry, working on some financial aid papers for Villanova and finished "It can't happen here." All in all pretty productive. Oh, and watched copious amounts of CSPAN and the intelligence committee hearings. (I really can't wait until the NSA wire tapping hearings begin next week - this is what I do with my unemployment, watch CSPAN-My name is Jalynn and I am a political junkie.) Then Janine and I went to the store to replinish our food stores and then on to Heffelumps. Heffelumps is closing! Not this month, and they should be open next month, but after that ...nothing. I guess they're just not doing enough business - so Janine and I gave them a little business of our own, and I'm going back tomorrow with Dan and Ariela to do a little more - I'm thinking fuzzy cuffs, body paint, black and white photos of glamorous women - maybe a couple more life savers-dot dot dot.

Meanwhile and some white castles and beer later, I boxed Jen E. Jen E was very drunk tonight and not soo much fun to box with, too much with the illegal moves and not enough with the hurting when I punched her...but a cop did stop by and asked if he could watch for awhile - and we busted out the boombox, so other than the fact that I'm going to be very sore tomorrow, and Jen clocked me twice in the face, all is well. Blue Hill followed, after a pitcher of beer, buffalo fries and cheddar cheese balls, we were all pretty tired, so we headed home like old people by 11:00pm. yeah. but fun, nonetheless.

So yeah, Studlife. In tomorrow's issue, you can look forward to a fantastic letter to the editor about Ipi Zombie? and it's lack of exploring the seemingly obvious issue of violence against women - even if you haven't seen the play, go check out the letter, because, as always, it's brilliant, reasonable and well written.

In other news, Adventures went over the 5000 hit mark just yesterday. Not too shabby - we are on the way up.

In further news, I was accepted to SLU law today...and they want to give me $24,000 to go to their law school in a merit based scholarship, go me. That's $8,000 a year, but it still feels pretty damn good.

On to the news.

A UK newspaper is reporting that Bush contemplated painting a U2 spyplane with UN colors and flying it over Iraq in the hopes that Saddam would take a shot, thus violating UN regulations and drawing themselves into a war. Great Bush, just great. We can't come up with a good reason to go to war, so we'll just trick Iraq into a war. And they're real happy about that aren't they? Don't nearly 50% of Iraqis once again think that it's ok to attack coalition troops? What happened to standing down as the Iraqis stand up or oh, I don't know, not remaining when they want us to leave? no? anyone?

House republicans had an election for a new majority leader now that DeLay is out out out. seems that more votes were cast than there were republicans voting. seems they tried to steal their own election, even as they are trying to clean up after the abramoff election scandal. Goddamit! clean up the GOP. there is nothing wrong with having an opposition party that has a different view of the world. this, in of itself is not bad or wrong. it becomes wrong when that party is so corrupted that they have no ideology because it has been usurped by an ethos of power-grabbing and money grubbing.

The US joins the proud countries of Iran and Sudan in barring two gay groups from consultative status at the UN. In addition to Iran and Sudan, those in opposition also include: Cameroon, China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Senegal, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. Nice. Props go to: Chile, France, Germany, Peru and Romania for rejecting the resolution.

Who hates Ann Coulter? Who doesn't? Seems like even conservatives dislike her - here's an entertaining and sobering video.

there's something very tasty about 7Up Plus - low calorie soda with added calcium. this seems like a no brainer - soda with calcium. Kids don't drink milk anymore, so why not put vitamins and minerals in things they do drink? why not put more than just calcium? I knwo you couldn't put fat-soluble vitamins, but how about some vitamin C?

Curling. It's like shuffleboard, but on ice. And there are two team members whose job it is to scrub the ice, after the stone has been tossed, in order to change with direction of the stone minutely. the stone is tossed towards rings on the ice where points can be scored. the opposing teams does have the opportunity to toss their stone and knock it out of the ring, thereby depriving the one team of points, while garnering points for themselves. knocking two stones at once out of the point ring is termed a "double kill." it's a completely ridiculous game and is in no way a sport and has no business being in the Olympics, tradition or no tradition. That being said, curling is wildly entertaining and I'll never forget freshman year, when after several nights of curling, Elle yelled out "Oh you best be going for the double kill."


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