Monday, February 06, 2006

Another day of being unemployed. Honestly, this is getting rather tedious. Fortunately for me, the wire-tapping senate hearings were on CSPAN all fucking day. so what did i do? I watched them from 8:30am until 5:30pm, with a lunch break. yep. that and write some bills and package some packages. pretty uneventful. I told Jess that I thought I would be pretty much bored out of my mind on about Wednesday. The rest of the day was spent going for a walk with Janine (Funnybone on Tuesday and Mr. WashU on Thursday),and boxing with Jen E. oh, and a shower, yeah, real exciting day. now i'm watching the History channel "the real exorcists" - they keep showing clips from the exorcism of emily rose. a truly crappy movie. meanwhile - i'm using bit torrent to download l word from last night and next weekend's episode too. gotta love the internet.

the hearings:
interesting but ultimately, will they go anywhere? probably not. spector, feinstein, feingold and leahy really hit hard on the attorney general but eh - nothing is going to happen. go back to bed america - your government is in control. firedoglake has a blow by blow account of today's hearings and americablog has analysis.

in other news:
i really fucking miss having a job.
and i need a haircut. should i go for something new? or just cut it shorter than i usually do?

i've finalized my plan for visiting philly and villanova over spring break. still waiting to hear on ohio, george mason, and washu. what the hell is washu waiting for? i feel that admissions boards like to keep people waiting for fun.

(wow - so watching an evangelical preacher man expelling some demons - nice)

motor likes to sleep on top of our stereo. we have a plush santa that also sits atop the stereo. she likes to sleep on santa's lap. santa is slumped over and looks pretty drunk.

this post is lame.

it's like i'm samson and losing my job was like my hair being cut off. i mean it's pretty dull when you do nothing during the day. not even browse the internet for hours and hours while at work. because if you're at home you feel like you should do something productive and NOT be on the internet. so, you stay away from the computer, but end up doing nothing anyway. whether it be reading a book, watching tv, or playing with the cats. at any rate, you can only talk about reading a book, watching tv and playing with the cats only so much. tomorrow i will be more productive. i will get up at a reasonable hour and work out. i will go to the post office and the bank. i will box. i will fill out more financial aid forms. i will research scholarships. i will order that present for my mother. i will go to target. and when i have completed all of the above, i will watch american idol.

speaking of boxing, i think i really have injured my hand this time. my thumb hurts, and i can't really bend it all the way. i need to find a better way to wrap my hands before the boxin'. and my knee, my knee needs to stop hurting, i mean the damn thing is worth $40,000. I have a $40,000 knee and yet it still hurts. go surgery!

yeah, that's it for today.

ps:my computer is a piece of crap. it has no battery power whatsoever. which means, that if the power plug comes undone. i lose everything because it immediately powers off. boo.


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