Monday, February 13, 2006

I stopped posting because I am a bad bad girl. But here we go today.

It reads like an article in the Onion - while on a hunting trip, Cheney fires a 28 gauge shotgun blast into the face of his 78-year old hunting companion. Oh, and by hunt, I mean he went to a private ranch where they use pen raised quayle, which they "released" 500 of the day before, so that the "hunting party" can proceed to shoot the witless birds. LIKE FISH IN A BARREL. Um, yeah. Oh, and then they failed to notify the press for over 24 hours. THE VP SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE. IN THE FACE. now, i'm not sure where i stand on gun rights in general, i mean, yes 2nd amendment, yes - right to bear arms. right to bear fully automatic assault rifles, um no. and i'm not exactly sure where i stand on, hunting, you need it to eat, ok, you going to eat it, ok. you want to shoot something alive for fun, not ok...which brings me to cheney having a gun, ever. NO, that man should never be allowed to own or operate a gun, ever.

Meanwhile, my boy Paul Hackett has dropped out of the senate race and politics in general because of a "betrayal" by the democrat machine. great, good job guys, the one guy that we definitely want in Congress and you scare him off with backroom bullshit. Dammit!

In other news:
My Washu education totaled out at $146,719. Damn. Potential cost of Law school? another $150 grand. That is a lot of money. Hopefully spending all of this money will result in a very high paying job so that I can pay off truly massive student loans - or get excellent rates on my student loans, whoops! nope, Bushies hates students, so student rate loans are going to go up, thanks Mr. President.

Looking for something to do while at work? Check and see if there are any sex offenders by your house, or by your work, or by the house you grew up in? Know any of these people - I hope not. Also a useful tool when proving that a neighborhood is unsafe to someone who does not believe you. My favorites are the boxes that say "multiple offenders at this address." Nice to know all the sex offenders are rooming together - from Katie.

Blingo. Blingo is a search engine that uses Google (so it's as good as google) but also rewards you for using it. Ie, at certain times during the day, you could be selected to recieve a prize, just for using the damn thing. Prizes range from $10 Itunes gift certificate to Sony PSP. If you win and are my friend, then I win too. If you invite people and they win, you win too. I know it sounds like a pyramid scheme, but I have been assured, and I assure you, that it is not. So shameless
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Bush is still a shithead.

Who decided that stamps should be $.39 now? Because no one told me until I had already sent out my xmas thank you notes to my grannies. Either they were going to get sent back to me (they didn't), my grannies had to pay $.02 at the post office to recieve their thank you notes from their granddaughter, or the post office cut my some slack. I hope my grannies didn't have to pay $.02 to get a thank you from me for giving me $10. Right.

In addition to having shot a 78 year old in the head, word has it that Cheney authorized Libby to leak classified information to the press. Where does this guy think he gets off leaking classified information. classified. Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't that treason? at the very least, it's a high crime and misdemenor, what's that you smell? oh it's just impeachment proceedings.

Here's an entertaining screenshot - The new movie Running Scared has a game on it's movie website that allows you to give oral sex to the female lead of the movie and attempt to make her reach the big O - as you can see, there is a climax meter to the left and to the right, you'll notice "Find the G spot" Up, down, left, right. The implication being that if you find the g-spot, your girl will cum "her fucking brains out". Right. So who knows the fundamental flaw of this game? I do I do, pick me! While it is correct that finding the g-spot will most likely result in "violating quiet hours," it is erroneous to suggest that you can hit the g-spot while giving someone oral sex. As any lesbian worth her membership card can tell you, while you can give a girl immense pleasure by going down on her, without the aid of another device (vibe, hand), she will never have a g-spot orgasm from pussy licking alone. A tongue simply cannot reach the G-spot. By all accounts, the g-spot is located in and up, on the front wall of the vagina, towards you. I have never, ever seen a tongue that could hit that spot and perform any sort of stimulation. So Newline Cinema, you suck- get it right next time, find her clit!

Like whoa - rooms painted such that when you look at them right, you see optical
illusions- CHECK IT OUT

Oh, and don't ask don't tell - cost the US around $350 million since it's inception. Hmm, couldn't we have used that money to buy our soldiers, oh I don't know, body armor? There is no evidence that gay servicemembers in any way affect the functioning of a unit. There is not evidence to suggest that gay servicemembers are any less able to serve with honor and distinction. Don't ask, don't tell is wrong. If a person is willing to sacrifice their life for their
country, they should not be derided and condemned by yellow bellied, so called patriots who have only "served" their country by putting a support the troops magnet on their car - ps bushie has repeatedly cut funding for veterans - how's that for supporting the troops?

Meanwhile..Valentine's day is tomorrow. ick - really, it's just another day in time. a day in time that has been arbitrarily decided to be the day of chocolate and flowers, romance and champagne - i say ick. i say, i'm going to drink a bottle of champagne all to myself, by candle light and enjoy my lifesaver. in the spirit of valentine's day, and taking a cue from the lovely heather - a poll/survey - it's a list of five celebraties that you could sleep with, no matter your relationship status, and no one could get upset, your "freebie list" - so who's on your list? you can email me at or you can comment it, but i'll make a list of the top picks and then we'll know a little something about the readership of Adventures. so come on! share! even if you've been lurking, what's the harm in leaving a little comment? hmm? my five (off the cuff and without much thought- ergo, subject to change) goes something like this:

Angelina Jolie
Kate Moennig
Keira Knightley
Eliza Dushku
Mary Louise Parker
Sarah Shahi

I get six because it's my blog. Sound off!


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